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December 02, 2016

Achieving Set Goals Leads To Greatness

“Every single life only becomes great when the individual sets upon a goal or goals which they really believe in, which they can really commit themselves to, which they can put their whole heart and soul into”. - Brian Tracy

Within each and every one of us, we want to be great. Unfortunately 95% of those who desire greatness are not aware of what is needed to become great. To the personal development philosopher; Napoleon Hills, “burning desire is require to become great, but still he said your burning desire will not lead you to greatness until you are able to break it down to goals and plans. Burning desire is life dream, goals are required to fulfill them.

Have you hear this before “what is the only thing you would do if you know you will not fail? then go ahead and do it. That is a goal that you can set and really give yourself to, which you can put your whole heart and soul onto. Whatever you believe in, find a way to start doing it, it is guaranteed success is in it for you either now or now and then (future).

We have heard it times without number that those who set goals achieve more than those who do not, while those who sets goals and write it down achieve much more than those who set goals but failed to write it down. Writing your goals down and where you will always see it and read it to yourself is a sign of commitment. It differentiates between those who actually have a dream of achieving something specific and those who only wish to.

Apart from being great, life is only meaningful when you set out to achieve something that is dear to your heart. That is, the more goals you commit yourself to achieve, the more you discover many meaningful thing and many things you consider meaningful that is meaningless. That is wisdom. And we all need it to become great.

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