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December 30, 2016

Why Quit Now?

“Success seems to be connected with action, successful men keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” -Corrad Helton

We all do at one time or another when our outcome is not up to or below desired result. To put it in another way round when our huge effort is not positively correlated with the outcome achieved. At this time we reach the end of the tunnel and feel like putting a final full stop on such effort. But I am sure you will stop thinking like that if you could always remind yourself with example like stone cutter or a chain saw.
As stone cutter makes thousand of effort which will be having a good effect on the stone but not with the final result of seeing the stone turn apart, just one more effort will see the stone turn apart as if that last one is what do the whole job, but not, it is a combination of the full effort that achieve the result. So also your effort, as you try without desired result, you are surely getting closer to it. One more get you more closer than the previous one, why then do you have to quit now?

You don’t have to de-motivate yourself if you don’t get desired result from effort, instead motivate yourself and subject your poor outcome to mistakes that needs another solution to achieve your desired outcome, meanwhile regard it as another step forward, I mean an achievement to be celebrated before moving forward. So don’t discourage yourself by expecting final result before celebration.

Regard yourself as a successful man who will not set a goal or design a plan without forecasting a mistake or problems along the way that will forced him to take a brake and relax before moving forward. Meaning mistake is a natural phenomenon that will always subject workaholic (successful) man to a break at one point or another before they achieve a desired result. Don’t quilt because winners never quit and quitter never winner. So when the going get tough, the tough get going. Tough time never last tough people do.

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