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December 02, 2016

Overcoming Your Fear

"Fear is interest paid on debt you may not owe” – John C. Maxwell

Fear is full part of our life, everyone experience fear in one area of their life. One of the the major enemies to your greatness is fear. It is mostly caused by our past experience, but most especially unknown outcome of event; thus, the popularly statement “fear of unknown”. One thing I have experienced about fear is that; it is generated out of negative thinking. Like I use to say “negative thinking is a mental hunger, feed it with the only food, positive thinking”. Anytime you are afraid of taking an action, remember that you are thinking negatively, the only answer to solve fear as a problem is directly opposite (positive thinking).

One other thing about fear I am sure about is that about 95% of our fear will never come to pass. They are only generated by our feeling, our past experience and some unnecessary things that will not have affect on our outcome.
For instance, there are many people who as a result of trying avoid being label foolish fail to take a step forward towards something meaningful to them, an action that could lead to stardom. The truth is, it is better for you to take that action, fail and being label foolish than not acting at all, because with that you are one way ahead of them towards success, you experience what they never experience, building your confidence. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” therefore don’t be afraid of being label stupid, instead be afraid of fear; fear lead to failure while being label stupid could lead to success.

If only you know what fear will cause in your life, you will always find ways to overcome it. For instance fear causes procrastination, and procrastination is a well known quality of a loser. Meaning if you don’t overcome fear, fear overcome you and gradually lead you to failure. To overcome fear, you can decide to do away with it out rightly; if you think that is a solution, then you have to stop existing, as I said early, it is part of every lives. If you accept that not to be a solution, then the only and automatic solution to overcome your fear is to face it.

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