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December 14, 2016

Start with What You Have, Start Now !

“Don’t let life discourage you” “everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was” – Richard L. Evans.

If only I have the required capital, if only I have, if only I have the right connection, if only my parents are rich…….all are alibis. The resources needed to achieve the dream at hand is with you at every point in time, look inward, meditate, ask yourself before asking from someone. If what you need is capital to start that desired business, it is not too late, ask yourself, how to raise the required capital without borrowing it, borrowing should be the last option because, we are not created to borrow but to lend to others. Take action set goals with target to move from one level to another.

In the quest to attain success, we tend to deprive ourselves of the fun, we try to make a short court, Trying to jump one or two level in the categories needed to get there, while that might happen as we work hard and smart, not by taking a short cut or back door, know that there is fun and lessons available at every level of achievement.

Discouraging yourself from pursuing your dreams because you lack what you think is the most important thing is a waste of time and energy. The most important resource needed is you; so start the work now. A journey of a thousand miles, they say start with a single step. Ask yourself once again, what is that single step you can take with what you have in the direction of achieving that dream at hand, I guaranteed you will be surprise how easier or faster you will get to that promised land.

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