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December 01, 2016

Success Work with Positive Mind

“Negative thinking g is a mental hunger, feed it with the only food; Positive thinking”. – Balogun M. Adewale

Be the first to see the positive side of things and the last to see the negative. In a situation where you need to take decision or reach conclusion on an occurrence, I advice you thinking ten positive before you think a negative, even if the result is negative, your ten positive over one negative thought will not hide the truth but help you to arrive at the right and better answer. In management, there is a business decision making concept called “devil advocate”, you come up with a foreseen problem (negative) while you go ahead to provide as many solutions (positive) as possible for a single problem. The result is always good because you are thinking so many positive over single negative.

While it is claimed that there is power in a spoken word, I believe there is even more power in thought. The outcome of your prayer is a confirmation of your thought. If you pray for positive outcome which is always the case, but think it will not be, chances are the outcome will be negative. That is why spiritualism (prayer) is being related to faith (positive thoughts), if you have faith in your prayer you are assured of positive outcome.
Don’t think you can amount to anything going about with negative thinking; it’s just a waste of time and energy: physically, spiritually and psychologically. To be successful, you must first believe in yourself and your idea. Just as you will lack physical energy if your stomach is empty, so also your brain will lack energy to be its best if you think negative all the time.

Even if things are not going right, life is more frustrating thinking negative, and seems perfect if you think positive. If you doubt it, go ahead, be practical.

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