“I am not discouraged because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward”. - Thomas A. Edison.

Any successful man is nothing but someone who have trained and discipline both his conscious and sub-conscious mind to accept and discard some message that is consciously unconsciously received.

Affirmation which has being psychologically proven to be one of the best pools to achieve a desire result is what successful men always use even if they met an obstacles along their journey to their promise land, they will never be discourage because they know it is a step forward according to Thomas Edison.

I advise you take that unquestionable statement from a world achiever and install it in your subconscious mind as a preparation for whatever challenge you may face as you struggle to become an achiever, a successful man at every area of your life and profession.

Stop discourage yourself as a result of little challenge that happen naturally to push you forward. With a little study by observation, you will come to agreed  that when issue like this happen, it required little or no effort from you to get solved, all you need to do is to take action in line with you desired result as you would have done if such thing never happen and you will be very surprise with the outcome and the level you will find yourselves after the event.

It is natural that human being get worried over a little challenge called problem, as a result get discourage denying themselves the fun and knowledge to be discovered from the situation  that happen to push them forward which they think it’s a step backward. But for those who confidently act on their initiative and plans, they never get discouraged at every step forward.