“Be patient and calm-for no one can catch fish in anger” – Herbert Hoover”

Anger is a choice and it has no other sides than distraction and destruction. You cannot achieve any remarkable rather regrettable result when you are angry. This life was designed in the in such a way that, it is impossible to go all the way through a day, week, month………without a mixture of emotions among which anger seems to be the most closest and destructive. Like any other emotions anger can be caused by internal or external feature.

Within yourself (internal), sometimes you might be discourage about too many things in this life. You might be dissatisfied with your current situation; what you are not is what people think you are, every effort not brings forward the result expected and so many other things going on within your mind will result in emotional disturbance that later result in anger. Like the internal factors we here external;
but it has to do with other people’s action and reaction towards us, what they do and what they say to provoke us.

Either internal or external, the result of anger is devastating; it is not only hard but impossible to achieve anything meaningful when you are angry, rather you get more discouraged about life and worst damage to your health.

Anger is natural, but the solution is calmness. With calmness you will be encourage and motivated to move forward to take more action. To achieve a state of calmness when you are angry, read favourite book, novel, or journal, exercise your body, play your favourite music and relax or read any religious book or materials.

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