‘’A line measure of your worth includes all the benefits others gained from your success’’ – Cullen Hightower

There is nothing like selfless service to humanity. It really determines your net worth now or later. But it means a lot to signify who you are in the future. Heave you hear this before? “If you can help enough people to get what they want, you will not be found wanting”, you have, then why are you holding yourself back? Some say delay is denial, and you say it is not. Not until you bring something on the table, never expect anything. Delay giving yourself and what you have to people means you are denying your success.

Start making yourself available as a products or services to people or start producing something useful to people that they are ready to pay for.
At the long run, they will not think in terms of money paid to have it put the benefit derived from your products & services which present you as a hero, achiever and success. Sure, you remember Bill gate of Microsoft, Michael dell of dell Computer, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and many more. You think this is impossible, and then think harder, you will have one thing or another you can do exceptionally or adding more value to something produced that becomes another product or service. Do you know when you start giving yourself for free, someone will come your way to pay for it, just your hobby, passion or unique idea is what you need.

The reason why this is not applicable to you is because you’re under the illusion of instant gratification of get rich quick you called dream. Not until someone start benefiting from whom you are or what you have; you worth nothing and have nothing. 

Be the best

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