"Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude towards it, for that determine success or failure.’’  – Norman Vincent Peale

One of the little difference between an achiever and looser that becomes great is their attitudes towards life. Achievers own their attitudes; to the loser their attitudes own them. Achiever will not allow situation to control them or determine how they will react. Instead their reaction is based on their expected result as it is in their plan. Since their attitudes owns them; Loser give up easily, they react and overreact to situation they can easily change with patience; they never believe in alternative. 

Among their chief attitude is excuses and procrastination. When things are not in their favours, they have one excuse or another to back it up; they will never take even half not to talk of full responsibility for their action. They always postpone doing things till another time, another day, another week….  

As you read the paragraph above, you analyse yourself and see a bit or much of yourself in either side. If as a loser, I guess you fill condemn and bad, you don’t have to; Wake up! That is a test; it all about attitude, just note and work to make it better, that determine either you are an achiever (success) or loser (failure). If in the other way round, you have the quality of achiever as analyse  above, I also guess you are proud of yourself, common, don’t be too boastful, ego is also an attitude, it can destroy your achievement, just take not and work towards keeping it up and improve. Remember, it is hard to move up, but easier to fall down.

There are more ways to analyse ourselves to determine whether we are in the path of success or failure. Every situation have attitude attached to it. If you are already successful, you need right attitude to keep it. If you are yet to be successful or fail in one way or another, it also requires the right (posture) attitude to be successful or to change your failure to success. Meaning it is attitude that can change failure to success or success to failure.

Wishing the best of the day.

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