Do you have a Vision or Illusion?

Aspiring entrepreneurs today has being under the norms of “being your own boss” slogan with lots of idea so lovely that no one ever had it before. Hardly would they in the course of pitching their new idea to you mention the challenges that can lead to the end of the business and the plan ahead of such future challenges. 

Viewing success of your entrepreneurship in terms of financial gain alone instead of solution to people’s problem(s) and or providing products and services that people are in need of is an illusion. Entrepreneurship goes beyond what will accrued to you in the venture but what people will benefit that will give them the conviction to path their money without regretting it now and keep coming back to get more of it referring your products/services to other people. That is one traits of a visionary entrepreneur.

Visionary Entrepreneur

There are millions of ideas out there, it takes a visionary entrepreneur to convert ideas to products and services and stand by it to make sure it sees the light of the day amidst lots of challenges, moving and bending where necessary without compromising the vision behind the enterprise. 

The result of the popular research that says 95% of every start-up failed after 5 years, and out of the remaining 5% another 95% failed after the next five years is right. Those who stand out are the visionary. Are you one of them? 

We all know the basic definition of entrepreneur is a risk taker. Being an entrepreneur goes beyond taking risks. As an entrepreneur, you must be naturally inspirational and motivational with the ability to train and pass across the same vision you have to people working with you. You must be someone who believe not only in yourself but other people, and have what it takes to pass it across. With that, business keep going when you are absent and the vision will not die without you. 

Viewing entrepreneurship from “being your own boss” perspective is like gaining another job for yourself doing everything on your own with little ability to delegate. A vision goes beyond one man idea which requires someone with the ability to bring resources together and propel them to yield tangible result. 

It Takes Continuous Learning

Yes, you are the visionary, but a good entrepreneur knows while he has to remain focus amidst storm must also listen and have an open mind to people around him, taking feedback that will contribute towards achieving the best. Not only that you must be curious and willing to learn new skills. Studies of Stanford alumni have shown that people with a greater variety of roles in previous jobs are more likely to become entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur although have their major focus, they hardly claim to be professional in one aspect, they are generalist. They know little about a lot of things, the trait that give them the ability to find the right people and delegate to them to do the right job.

Everyday is always the best for an entrepreneur; the night is just a resting time, but, they keep looking forward for the next day. They spend more than 2/3 of the 24 hours on their business; this is what makes them to stand out. It is there secret of success, because they have passion for what they are doing.

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