To Succeed is to Accomplish

Have you ever sat down to ask yourself the meaning of success? The term in many occasion have being attached to you or someone out there. Have you ever think of what qualify him/her to be called success. 

Yes! We can say success is personal, to a student, passing and exam excellently is success, to an employee receiving a good salary and earning promotion consistently and at the right time will delight his/her heart and that can be called success, while to a business person his/her definition of success will be growing his business, making sales beyond expenses; in other word making money. But success still deserves a generally acceptable definition that could be applicable to different categories of people.

What then is Success?
Online Cambridge dictionary define success as: the achieving of the results wanted or hoped for: something that achieves positive results.

In the success is define as;
  1. The favourable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavours; the accomplishment of one's goals.
  2.  The attainment of wealth, position, honours, or the like.
  3. A performance or achievement that is marked by success, as by the attainment of honours:
  4.  A person or thing that has had success, as measured by attainment of goals, wealth, etc.
If you are curious just as I am, you will like to have a clear and judgemental definition of what success ought to be. The reason is simple, accomplishment, attainment, wealth etc., what if it is achieved out of luck, mistakes or vague. 

Is it Success or Luck?
A very good way to look at success is how the owner possesses it. If we define money as success, can we say a lottery winner is successful? Yes he/she now have money to buy what his/her heart desire; good house, car, nice wardrobe etc. But looking at the means of having the money can we say he/she is successful? I don’t thinks so. According to a popular research which I think you too might have read about, almost all people who win lottery go broke within three years.

Another good example is inheritance, many people who inherit wealth find it difficult to maintain.

The two examples above is all about how the people you called successful come across what give you the impression that they are successful. But before we reach conclusion in this part let us look at another example.

Mark is interested in painting; he needs some money so he decided to do some painting for sales. But unfortunately his work is not good enough for sales; he was angry and started splashing paint all over the work, a passerby saw it and loves the work and bought it instantly. Mark was happy achieving his heart desire of having money in his pocket; but is he a successful painter?

On the other hand, Usrah have passion for art work, she too wants to go into painting. She enrols into art class, get a mentor, visit some galleries and continue working until she is proud of her work. At last she opens her little gallery and gets people to visit and gradually she started making sales. We can say Usrah is a successful painter.

Someone who mistakenly or unexpectedly possess something cannot be call success since the chances of possessing or creating such thing again is slim. But according to the Roman Philosopher, Seneca that says 'Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.' One might inherit wealth, manage, multiply and preserve it for a long time or a lottery winner who use the money to start or improve his/her business and hold such for a long time could be called a successful person. Meaning success require working hard and smart to achieve a heart desire that will bring him/her to the attention of the public called fame. 

Success is a Journey
You can’t get there overnight. If being successful is your heart desire, you have to shun the get-rich-quick syndrome. My definition of success is in accordance with the following;

It all start with a Dream: It might be to become a successful entrepreneur, Author, athlete, Artist, doctor or anything.

Are you Passionate about It: Be sure you are not compelled to go that line or because of the fame. Yes! Fame is a reward for an achieved dream, but be sure you have a good vision for your dream; that you want to be the best in it and create value.

Set goals: Success is achieve gradually, accomplishing and connecting different aspect that lead to the final destination (dream) is what success is all about. A would be doctor who passed her exam to university and from there to medical school is one success after another. And when he eventually becomes doctor, his/her ability to create lasting value that is applicable to such profession is the destination: The ultimate achievement.

Did you have the right skills: Success comes out of being passionate about talent, skills, experience and or an idea you possess. Having anyone of this is not enough, working hard and smart with it to be the best is what will get you there.

Are you ready for the Challenge: Who says it will all go smoothly? Your definition of success should include your ability to overcome some obstacles along the way.

Definition of True Success
It is unfortunate that majority people we called successful out there are not proud of themselves, they are not happy and know deep down there heart they are not successful. Why? Because we can only see one area of their life, the others are weak or suffering.

There are many areas that make up our life, but unfortunately we only categorize successful people under their personal achievement in terms of wealth, fame and career. To be truly successful one must be able to balance different areas of his/her life which include but not limited to; career, spiritual, family, friends, community, humanity, materialism etc.

I am not defining success as perfection in all this area, but your ability to win in all this area is what really matter. It is not an easy task but achievable. Imagine if all this area of your life is in harmony, how will you feel?

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