To Win; You Must Goal

The soccer game well known to us just like many similar games determine the winners by goals. Each team are going to the pitch for nothing more than the highest goal scorer. While other criteria determine the point and penalty, the point still remains the highest goal scorer win the gain.

The gain of life also require you goal to be a winner. The dream is to win, then to win you must first goal. Every team have strategy to achieve the number of goals required to be the winner. Within this strategies are plans to achieve the goals. So also is your life, to be successful is the dream, to achieve it you must first set plans to achieve required goals towards success.

The importance of goal setting
Goal setting is an important motivator, if you cannot significantly see what you have achieved, try goal setting. There is no doubt; no matter how hard working you might be, if you fail to set formal goals, you will be having the feeling of working hard without getting anywhere, which is hurtful.

Aspiring for something in the future is like going to a destination you have never being before. To get there successfully requires a direction (map). Your goal is the map required to achieve your heart desire.

There are many reasons why goal setting is important;
  1. It will psychologically focus your mind given you the opportunity to avoid distraction
  2. It will exposed what you have and have not to achieve it
  3. You will be able to focus your resources which will give you result instead of guess working
  4. It will increase your self confidence because you know what you want, how and when you will achieve it.

Setting Goals
When setting goals, there is need for you break it down into two or three levels; long, medium or short term goals. It could even be called great (big) or small goals.

Long time goals span through years, this should be an achievement you are aiming for in the next five or ten years. It is advisable to set such goals with little consideration on the resources at hand.
The resources required to achieve your long term goals is what is expected to be in your smaller or short term goals.

Your short or smaller goals is achievable through actionable plan you need to set, it is one step after another or to another.

The major purpose of goals is to make it easier to attain. So you should think of setting goals to cover important areas of your life, such as;
  • Career
  • Finance
  • Education and Skills
  • Family
  • Health
  • Leisure

And other areas that is important to you that are not mention here. Updating your plan to achieve you set goals is important, just because you have set goals does not mean you can’t change it, but changing it for the better not the worst. 

The reason is simple; you will be discovering a lot of things you are not aware of at the initial stage when you set the goals if you are really working on it with full focus. Goal setting not only motivate you to achieve your heart desire, it attract people and other resources unexpected to attain it faster. 

Have you heard about SMART Goals?
SMART is a mnemonic acronym that makes goal setting very powerful. It simply means your goals should be;

S         –    Specific             =   Specified what to achieve.
M        –   Measurable      =    quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress.
A         –   Attainable        =    It should be action oriented.
­R         –   Realistic           =    No fantasy, make it reasonable.
T         –   Time-related     =    Specify when it can be achieved.
Some expert also advice using the word: “I” when setting your goals to make it motivational. Such as by December 2016 I....... 

Celebrate Goal Achieved
Compensation for a job well done from other people like boss, spouse, friends etc are motivational, so also compensation we give yourself for goals achieved. Always in little and enjoyable way, reward yourself of goals achieved.

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