Are you Moving towards the Future?

I wonder why we speak like champion and act like looser. Champions not always have good tools or kits but use the kits to prepare ahead of every competition. They always prepare for the future.

Imagine a graduate without computer skills not to talk of having one is clamouring for employment using mobile phone worth $200. How long are we going to be deceiving ourselves?

To quote Strive Masiwiya, Founder and Executive Chairman, Econet Wireless in one of his articles on his facebook page; he said
Question: What are the "tools of your trade"?

Do you have your own computer? Everyone who runs a modern business, or works in a profession, should have a laptop.

A computer is not even a "tool"; it's the "toolbox" in which most all the modern technological tools are kept.

Are you on the Internet? Do you have it in both your business and your home?
  •  If not, you better sell your car, if you have one, and walk, but you must have a computer and be on the Internet.
  • If you have a house, it would be far smarter in today's world to have a smaller house with Internet, than a bigger house with no Internet.
  • It would be far, far smarter to have a smaller car, or none at all, and be able to afford a computer and Internet for your business and family, than to have a luxury car or the like.
  • Those who understand what I'm saying here are better positioned to make the career changes needed as a result of disruptive changes to the workplace, and the jobs we do.

Whatever work you do, or plan to do in the future, you have to upgrade your "toolbox" for the changing times ahead. I want you to be prepared. Remember what I wrote last week about your mindset? And the week before that, about imagining the horizon beyond today's horizon?

As I’ve written you before, the “mobile revolution” has already given way to the “Internet revolution.” If the Internet were an ocean, then what you’re seeing today is just the shoreline. The Internet will even transform our villages. In the future, the village store and grinding mill will use the Internet, even to order and manage inventories. Even the village school will be changed by the Internet.

You will see it happen. Somewhere, somebody is already working to find a solution. Just five years ago, if I had said to you, “Villagers in the remotest parts of Africa will be able to receive money from anywhere in the world within five minutes or even less,” what would you have said?

You're the ones called to make this kind of thing happen. It’s your time. Is your toolbox ready?”

Whether we like it or not, not until people who are ready to make job available are more that those who need it, the economic situation in our nations will always be the same. Entrepreneurship is the way forward. What if the government make entrepreneurship compulsory like education

In the list of excuses we all have in starting a business, capital happen to be on top. Everyone always have one business idea or another, even if it can't be proven. If that is the case, and if you truly will like to start your business right away, computer connected to internet is what you need to get started.

That is even another problem; imagine what you are asking me. Who says you are going into internet business. By the way, what is internet business? Every human endeavour today need internet to survive and triumph even if it is just for advertisement. Just take that.

Considering the last paragraph, I will write the second version of this article to clarify the importance of computer and internet in very business.

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