Awaken the Entrepreneur in You
We are all born an entrepreneur. No! Not what you think. I am not against the ideology of entrepreneurs are made rather than born. But going down the history lane, the era in which everyone produces what to eat, drink, use etc. And the one you can’t produce, you will be in search for someone who have it and exchange what you have for it. Now you remember the barter system of trading. This means everyone back then has to engage in one venture, craft, and production of something or the other. No one is expecting the miracle of consuming without producing.

We are born an entrepreneur; it is the act of searching for easier life that turn our entrepreneurship mindset to lazy one. In the days of old, everyone is proud of having his own farm, no one is ready to have the stigma called slave.

The believe then was that, it is only slaves that is expected to till in another man’s farm for money or food and are strictly reserve for strangers not citizen, and no slave can have anything more than the owner. But today reverse is the case. Some believe the entrepreneurial traits is reserve for some set of people, some even think entrepreneur is a second option for job opportunity and many more believe that is against entrepreneurship in everyone of us; so unfortunate.

We all know what the above scenario means; those who are ready to create jobs are more than those in search for jobs. No one is ready to loss his dignity and freedom cheaply, they protect it jealously. But what happen nowadays, we take pride in selling our dignity and freedom cheaply.

In another way round, even workers might be the lower class citizen, but no one is ready to let go of his hard working staff as a result of scarcity, they guide it jealously with competition of who pay the highest rate compare to what we have today in which your smartness and hard working does not guarantee you for what your sweat worth, rather a threat of layoff that you are not ready to hear which subject you to agreed on rate below your effort. After all, we’ve all know that when supply is more than demand, the rate goes down.

Today, except for the hypocrite, we all know that, it is the laziness and the disease of instant gratification in us that bring upon us the suffering in the world. The world of entrepreneur is that of delay gratification, but as the saying goes “we are in the jet age” in which the fastest is the best, slow and steady is no more the song, it’s all about the fast and furious.

Let us wake up and awaken the entrepreneurial in each and everyone of us. We all know we have the opportunity to get it done than the previous age. Fine! We might not be able to go back to the barter system of trade but instead a partnership that make things work perfectly when there are more jobs givers than seekers. And now that money invention is available on like the barter era, we can easily exchange and get what we cannot produce on our own from the other guy in the nest door producing it.

Entrepreneurship is Risky
I have been looking at this issue from a broad or let me say macro perspective rather than the micro (individual) point of few. Comparing the gain of entrepreneur to the risk is like comparing the stress of driving to walking a long distance. Which one will you choose, driving or walking? No doubt I know you are questioning me. Are you insane? Maybe not, but I advice you check yourself if one of your excuses for not going into entrepreneurship is that of: the risk of going into entrepreneurship is too much, I can’t bear that.

I don’t have the Resources
One other alibi that is also costing you what belong to you as a born entrepreneur is that of financial resources (Capital). The question is, is it really the resources needed to become an entrepreneur? Absolutely not; the truth is that we need money to start and run business, but about 95% of people who consider it first, do fail, which correspond with the research that says 95% of every start up failed in the first five years and out of the remaining 5% another 95% failed in the next five years.

Taken possession of the entrepreneur in you only required utilization of natural resources in form of talent, passion, ideas, skills experience etc naturally deposited in us. These natural resources if utilize will bring in the financial resources for full commercialisation.

 Are you building a dream or illusion?
I need to work to raise a start up capital for my business, says Henry. I question him further; what business are you interested in going into? He said he is interested in going into eatery business; I chuckle, do you know why? Here is Henry interested in eatery business but working in textile industry. But instead of reaching conclusion, I went further to ask, do you have any training or work experience in the industry: he said no. But instead of discouraging him, I told him to quit his job and start working to learn rather than working to earn.

Yes! If your case is like that of Henry who believe in saving some money to start a business by working, then you can use one stone to kill two birds; to raise start up capital but most especially to gain valuable experience to commence your business in the future by working for a company operating in the business you are interested in. One reason to back this up is that, it is easy to transfer experience within the same industry compare to cross industry.

There are lots of traits required to be a successful entrepreneur, but first awaken your entrepreneurial mindset and latter you can learn any of the skills or traits you don’t have, which is the reason why they said entrepreneur are made rather than born.

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