Goal Setting: The Simpler, the Better

To hit a target, you need to first have one. How can you continue talking about being successful when you can’t or don’t even define what success really mean to you. If you care to know and accept the truth, you only wish to, you don’t want to and you can’t get it by mere wishing, you have to decide that you truly want it. You need to set a target; you need to set goal. “Success is goals and all else is commentary” says Brain Tracy.

Within your goal is a clear written view of what you want and how to get it and when to achieve the set goal. You will agree with me that it is impossible by wishing, not even meditating. Meditating is to conceptualize, written it is to decide you want what you meditate about which becomes you goal.

A lot have being written about goal setting, one thing is certain, no one ever fail to inform that the beauty of any goal is in written it down and have the opportunity to read it to yourself everyday. Not only that, you have to start working on it immediate and do something on it everyday, no matter how little it may be.

The Goal Setting Process
Just as many have being written about setting goal, so also is the process of setting and achieving it. When it comes to goal setting, I advise you make it as simple as possible as lay down below;

1.     Decide what you want: Meditating is part of goal setting, which is when you have the opportunity to decide and be definite about what you want. For instance, in your financial goal, you have not decided, if you only think you want a lot of money. You have to state the exact amount you want.
2.     What will you give in return: Yes, there is no such thing as something for nothing, you have to be sure of what you need to sacrifice or provide to achieve you goal. Still using the financial goal as example; what products, service or simply value will you provide to achieve the amount you want?
3.     Be time conscious: It’s not a goal until you decide on the exact date you want to possess it. Aside from the psychological effect, you will also be able to set plan towards the goal within the time frame.
4.     Back up your goal with Plan: You should further split the goal into smaller units as a definite plan to achieve your goal.
5.     Create an affirmation around your goal: Write out a clear and distinct statement of your achievable goal stating; exactly what you want, when you want it, what you need to do to get it, and  the plan you put in place to get it.
6.     Reminder: You need to put your written statement where you can read it to yourself at least twice a day preferable in the morning and before going to bed at night with strong imagination of being in possession of it. I advice in these age you set a reminder: sms or email.
7.     Action: Start implementing your plan immediately no matter how small, you don’t have to procrastinate.

There is a quality required to achieve any desire that is I don’t need to mention in the point above that you need to know; the power of perseverance. It should be part of your goal that given up is not an option if you fail in one way or the other. According to Napoleon Hill “The primary reason for failure is that people do not develop new plans to replace those plans that didn’t work.

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