Moving to the Next Level

We get nervous and while some find it difficult to believe they can move to the next stage of their personal, career and or business life. They think it, wish it or better dream it but maybe find it more than what they can achieve.

Of course every worthwhile achievement will be challenging, and everyone do have the fear of taking the next step forward as a result of unknown, but, it should be part of the challenges we have to overcome to move forward. To make it easy just, set goals, back by plan to achieve the dream.

One major reason why it sounds impossible is because we look at the big picture rather than breaking it down. And the perspective of our looking at the big picture also matters a lot. Is it to inspire and motivate you to get working on it, or do you view the achievement to be too big, making it worrisome.

What is your dream?
Every worthwhile achievement is a dream; it required a lot of plan and work to get to your final destination. You cannot get there except you keep moving. Failure should be known to be part of the plan and work; you should know this from the start. Knowing full well that not all your plan and work will give you the desire result without which you might get stuck finding it difficult to move ahead.

There are many times where there is need for break, when you face challenges along the way, instead of struggling at the saturation point to get it achieve at all cost. Both your mental and physical energy need refreshment, denying them of this will lead to achieving little with lot of effort that lead to boredom, giving you a wrong perspective of your ability.

Relaxation alone it’s not enough, one other thing you need to inculcate into your plan to make the transition more exciting is celebration. Don’t postpone celebration until you achieve the final result. But still don’t over celebrate, make it moderate but most especially make it pleasing to your heart, it’s not what people want it to look like, it’s the way you want it for the purpose of the task at hand.

Hopefully, it is not an imposed task; if you are following your passion you will enjoy the ride along the way. It is one of those things that make it daunting moving ahead. Check this out.

The Required Resources
Working on yourself is very important when it come to moving from your comfort zone to the unknown destination you dreamt about. You have to know that the thinking faculty you have right now might not be enough to move ahead, you need new level of reasoning. As a result you need new motivational and inspirational tool kit.

On top of this kit will be the needs for a mentor, someone who have achieve what you are dreaming about, someone who will not only be training you but giving you courage. This is from experience, I have mentored people, and in most case I wondered why they are afraid of the task I considered to be a child play, but at the end I realized the reason is because I have trek that path before. So giving them the courage and working with them to get it done even after failing make it easy for them.

The people around you also matter, except they are ready to move along, there might be the need to choose new friends and in business there will surely need for training of existing staff. Anyone that is not ready to improve should be let go.

You need a lot of training yourself; books, audio and video, seminar and workshop. All this is not only to give you the required knowledge and skill but to also give you the required courage and motivation.

Be aware that people will have new perception about you in your attempt to move forward, they might see you being proud and becoming something else. You have the choice of thinking ahead of them by changing your perception about yourself. Since you are aware of it, you will not be bored instead be happy, it is a signal that you are moving to the next level gradually, all the same, don’t neglect them totally, if you could, let them understand, if they fail to, let them be.

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