How to Get the Best Out of People Around You

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People around you should honour you, appreciate you or encourage you. Anyone who lacks any of this merit is not contributing to your achievement and such people deserve less of your precious time.


Do you know that you are as good as people around you, it is natural that when you meet people; consciously or unconsciously, the first assignment is that you both will be trying to locate what common ground you are both alike, what benefits will you derive from the relationship and of course what differences exist between you. 


One of the most important decisions we make in life is the choice of people we want around us, but unfortunately, we pay little consideration to this decision. Recently I was delivering a speech at a birthday party that comprises of youth and while they are expecting me to talk of financial education and or entrepreneurship, as usual, I changed the discussion to that of relationship, most especially between a man and a woman who agreed to spent the rest of their life together.


One of my keynotes that day was that; can someone tell me why we spent years focusing on our career most especially academic at the earlier stage of our life but decide in minutes, days, or months the choice of the person we call a partner; someone we plan to spend the rest of our life with.


This happens to be a shocking revelation to many people present because I elaborated that, that years of career effort will be affected or likely be a waste if you choose wrongly.


Analyze People around You

The adage that says, “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” is not wrong, they will surely whether you like it or not influence your decisions and actions except if you know it and try as much as possible to help them or spent little time with them. This is from experience and experience of people I have work with concerning their career and personal development.


Have You Ever See a Successful Entrepreneur with WrongPartner?


If you are having challenges with your career in contrary to your effort, the first thing is to study and scrutinize the people you spent most of your time with and those who contributed to your decisions as we use to do by sharing issues with them. Who among them is contributing to the problems or the solutions, this will give you a clue on who deserves your precious resources (time) and who don’t, and who you need to keep or leave.


Chances are among friends and family, there are some who their job is being negative, they complain and see the negative people and things around. They listen and read the negative things in the media and see it as a gist and always pour it out with energy when they are around you. This set of people are dangerous, I can only advise you do away with them. If not, I doubt if you will have what it takes to guard yourself against their negativity without being affected.


Can you help them?

The question of helping people around you if you are a positive type may arise. Yes, and No, it all depends on the person you are dealing with. I have an elderly friend who is always willing to help if the need arises, but unfortunately, he has challenges too, and I always want to be of help, but in my case, I believe in empowering people with their talent, skills, experience, etc. But the problem with this friend of mine is that he is too negative and always see the negative side of things rather than the positive. All my effort to help him see the opportunity in front of him is proofing impossible since he never believes in it. After all, he never needs my help in such area and never sees himself to be my client, so I have to decide to let him be which set in a very big distance between us because I also believe in the adage that says, “Birds of the same feather flocks together.”

How to Awaken the Entrepreneur in You 

Yes, you can help them change their negativity if they are willing and see you as one of the right people that can help because this will be a positive impact on your life too. You will always sit around talking about solutions instead of problems. But No, if they are not seeing it that way, if they so much engrossed in their so-called problems that have no solution, if all they do is complain. I can only advise you do away from this set of people.


There are other people who in their way are to belittle you, who never see the right in whatever you do. This set of people are more dangerous setting your mind in questioning your efforts and actions. It is up to you to turn their negativity into strength. This set of people might be a tool to challenge you. In other words, it is not everyone that is not influencing us positively we do away with, some of them are tools with their negativity to achieve our dream.


Dedicating Time to the Relationship

Now that you have scrutinized and find the right people around you, the best way to benefit from it is to schedule your professional life around them, instead of work alone, if not, this, in the long run, will hurt you.


One of the secrets of every successful people is that they spent enough time with people who matter to them. They know that to think straight and right, they have to keep away anxiety which most of the time spring up out of neglecting people around us.


As a success coach, I know how important people around us matters, either for the negative or the positive. We have to dedicate time to decide on this, just as we take career decisions.

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