“Consider the postage stamp” its usefulness consists in the ability stick to one thing until it gets there.” - Josh Bittings

Although the popular saying that “Jack of all trade matter of none” has been modernized at this information age, but naturally and sincerely speaking, it is still applicable in any successful effort.
If you want to be a highly recognized and successful tailor you cannot at the same time be a carpenter. Stick to tailoring and explore every aspect of the business, which is the only way to use the above quotes in a modern way as “Jack of all trades master of all”. 

If you want to be outstanding in a profession that has millions of people competing in the world, the simple formula is to try as much as possible to concentrate all your best effort and more in one direction. It will weigh more than one who is trying to diversify his effort achieving little here and there, what make Michael Jordan standout is because he concentrate his best effort to basketball, while Muhammad Ali is well known because of his effort to be the best boxer.

You too will achieve a desired and outstanding result in every effort and goals you set for yourself if you can stick to it with your best effort. It doesn’t mean that successful people never meet with challenge people call failure along the way, but they stick to their burning desired until they get there. If there will not be mistakes or challenges in the journey to success land, nobody will utter the world persistence and perseverance.

Remember the Promised Land in bible. If they have take another decision and forget about the Promised Land instead of sticking to the promised of God, they would have perished and never get to promised land. But they stick to that dream and get there despite the long time it takes them.

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