The Dream of Today is the Reality of Tomorrow

We all want the reality, not the dream, the goal nor the plan. Whether from spiritual, psychological, philosophical or even metaphysical point of view, there is always a process towards something. That is the natural law of cause and effect.

Individually, as team, community or nation, whether we like it or not, we reap what we sow, not only that you cannot plant corn expecting beans, you cannot plant today expecting to harvest same day and don’t expect to harvest tomorrow if you fail to cultivate today. In agriculture, there is time for cultivation and a time for harvest. If you harvest or try to harvest where you do not cultivate, you will be arrested as thief.

Nelson Mandela has a dream of apartheid free nation where white, black and Indian people work together to get a prosperous South Africa, the dream takes years and personal sacrifice.

We all have heard of the popular "I Have a Dream" public speech delivered by American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on August 28, 1963, in which he calls for an end to racism in the United States and called for civil and economic rights. Does this happen overnight?

There are numerous examples of leaders who have a dream for their team, household, community, and nation etc. Their dream come true but not overnight and not without labouring for it.

In the light of above, if a leader has a dream of “corrupt free nation and a nation who depends heavily on her locally made goods”, does he deserve support? Can such dream come overnight? Can we achieve it without working hard for it? Not just work hard for it but also sacrifice to achieve it.

The sacrifice in fighting people who caused the problem and want it to continue for selfish reasons and sacrifice for the immediate pain such decision will bring to achieve the dream.

No one talk of solution where there is no problem. Today many modern products and services we have are as a result of finding solution to problem or finding a better and easy way to do things. But achieving it goes through years of research and processes.

The media happen to be one major contributor to the problem at hand, working on people’s psychology that prefers reading about problems instead of solution in other to achieve their selfish desire of having readership. The masses; both the elite and the ignorant are not left behind. While criticism contributes to solutions, ours is too destructive.

Our nation is heavily political, with people being loyal to parties rather than the nation. If not for selfish reasons, I wonder why people who believe we are fighting for same course will profoundly and destructively criticise someone in power instead of supporting him. This has being going on for ages, but if we truly want changes and a reasonable improvement in our nation, it can never happen this way.

The corruption in this nation is so alarming, if a leader decided to fight corrupt I think he has not make a wrong decision. I went to a community recently to pay visit to a friend, getting there, I saw them holding a meeting. Asking on what, he told me full details which have to be on electricity within the community. The sad part of it is not because there is problem with their electricity, but the power company have to stop the supply because they refuse to pay the bills.

The community have a central payment plan with the community leaders (C.D.A Executives) promising the power company that they don’t have to get involve, they agreed of monthly bills based on estimation but unfortunately, they keep extorting the community members but refuse to pay up to date to the company. When the debt is piling up, the company decided to take action to recover the debt. It was during this process the community members are aware of their corrupt practices in many dimension.

The point is that corruption in this land is becoming a norm; imagine people being force to become a member of trade union when instead of benefiting is being extorted. Every trader and artisan within local community must join union and whether they are making sales or not they must pay dues. The only people that benefit from these activities are the executives with less that 5% among them who go against the corrupt act.

It takes people who are young at heart not age and inflexible to pilot the nation ship to the high sea and cross. It is good our president is fighting against corruption discouraging importation while encouraging locally made goods. But to me if he is truly interested in discouraging importation and will like to encourage locally made goods and service, he should stop traveling spending millions of dollars in search of foreign investor. That act of traveling is still importation and that millions of dollars traveling bills and allowance can create thousands of job through empowerment programme for our youths who have brilliant ideas and talents.

When we have enabling environment that encourages businesses, we don’t have to go to them, they will surely come. You can’t achieve any reasonable gain trying to force or persuade people to be you friend; you will not only have friends but also fans if you work on getting yourself better and have something people can gain from you.

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