The Poor and Lazy Man Idea to Financial Freedom

Being poor or rich start with our state of mind and the determination to make sure we do whatever it require to achieve what we programme in our mind. Think about it this way, every device around you only produces what is programmed in it as output, so also is your mind. Your achievement is an output of the super device within your body, “your mind.” The only advantage is that you can re-program it multiple times, you have the control code.

Those with poor mentality are not ready to give anything for their so called desire for money, even just the discipline of mind programming back by daily process of bringing to reality what they envision.

It is really disturbing seeing people expecting to reap where they have not sown; the something for nothing syndrome in the name of miracle or luck. Yes! I said your mind will achieve whatever you programme it to, but not at the expense of someone else. It is a lazy and poor man’s way of defining success.

Can you differentiate money from wealth? Being financially free goes beyond the money in your bank account, it is what you do with the money. I have said this time unnumbered; an average lottery winner in million dollars became broke in less than 5 years. It is their state of mind, they believe in spending rather than investing. And when they lost it all, instead of learning from that and re-programme their mind, they go back to the lottery. If you can show me anyone who is able to attain financial freedom through lottery, such person follow Seneca advised, which says, 'Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.'

Have a dream, set goals back with plan is a waste of time to people with poor mentality. They rather wait for that miracle and luck to come; they are always over-confident of becoming rich one day over something that does not exist. You always hear from them; opportunity comes but once, even if it is cheating, stealing or lying. Remember 'Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” says Seneca.

Instant gratification is not the road to financial freedom. It is a step after another, if you are impatient for the result, how will you even attempt the work. When it comes to money issue, I have not seen someone who make it through the quick fix and retain it for that long, except he has prepare his mind and brain to manage and invest the money wisely. That is preparation meet opportunity. In financial world, having money is not really what matter. The ability to manage, multiply and retaining it for long without having to work a day is the true meaning of financial freedom.

There are many people all around who have more than enough in their bank that cannot stop cheating, stealing or working. Do you know why? When they stop, they go broke and many go to jail. Many of them stay in the act not to earn but to protect the loophole that will expose their crime. Are they financially free? Is that what you want?

Financial freedom is peace of mind to enjoy the money you make overtime. Those who are truly financially free have the freedom to do whatever they want to do even if money is not attached to it. The irony is that they earn even money when they are not expecting from it. It is still all about mind programming, they believe in serving before earning even without asking for it.

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