The world is getting better, Thanks to small businesses (2)


When you find yourself in the gathering of people discussing on economic development and doing the best to make the world a better place; in most cases the blame is always on the government and the bad leaders we have. This same set of people so much believe in free economic system of capitalism where the forces of demand and supply determine the price of goods and services and how wealth and income is distributed with little or no government intervention.

In the world today, few nations operate the socialism system of government where government earn and distribute wealth. I am not disputing government role in the capitalism system, but if you are passionate about contributing to the world development as you do during all your argument then, I advice you join the entrepreneurs (small businesses) who are doing their best to make the world a better place and getting the best in return.

Entrepreneurship Is Freedom

In one of the interactive session I coordinate in a financial literacy programme. The first question I asked to make the gathering an interactive one is, “Money before freedom or freedom before money, which come first?”
Majority of the participants prefer “freedom before money,” and I asked why? I further asked, “Is it possible to have freedom without money?” Here is my take. We are born to be free and born with freedom, but we choose to put ourselves in slavery with the hope of being free one day to enjoy the prize of our decision. While it is scary to hear that start up entrepreneur work 24/7, the truth is that, to continue enjoying the freedom you are born with, the best is to think like an entrepreneur and be an entrepreneur.

The problem of course lies in our thinking. They think physical, forgetting the spirit. The emotional and psychological part of freedom is the most important. Even if you choose to work for someone, if you think like entrepreneur and follow your passion or choose to love your work dearly, you will have freedom and then you will be financially free.

Flashing back to the beginning of the first episode of this article, I discuss how I love reading autobiography of great people and corporation around the world and how I have learnt a lot from it. One major one is their starting point. It is unbelievable that almost all started in a micro or small way and they are a global brand today and the founders are billionaires.

Entrepreneurship Is Generosity

It is a better truth to accept, but choosing the part of being an employee over entrepreneurship is selfishness. Entrepreneurs are the most generous people in the world. They are generous from the beginning to the end of their career. It takes generosity for anyone to be successful as entrepreneur. Zig Ziglar, says “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” That is the work of an entrepreneur.

A successful entrepreneur will always find a way of making available what they have to as many people as possible. Lets us take for example Bill Gates. At the beginning, he is generous with his talent and skills to make it easier for me and you to have micro computer system on our desk, which is the source of his fame and fortune. After making it all, he continue being generous by sharing the fortune with the world through a foundation - Bill Melinda Gates Foundation.
There are numerous examples around you, even within your community. An entrepreneur is a community builder. They bring succour to people by providing solution to problems and making available goods and services to making staying within the community easier. But in return they receive a good prize for doing that.

For those who are not selfish, many are being scared away as a result of risk involve in entrepreneurship. I once told a friend, if that is your excuses, will you prefer to walk a long distance instead of going by vehicle to avoid accident, he was agape. That is the truth, by transferring the risk to someone working under him; you are as well transferring the benefit at the same time. Someone said to me, for every money you make as employee, you only enjoy 1% of it, could that be true?

An average person will like to be like great people around the world, but find it a great task. The truth is that, they start where you are right now: with nothing, they find it easier by learning the rope starting small. The world will be getting better if all of us believe in starting small, creating one products or service to make life easier even if it is just within your community. If you find it difficult to start alone, then call someone to join hand with you.

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