Are you moving towards the Future? (2)

In 2001, I have a handful of information about internet and related technologies reading Harvard Business Review in my school library that gave me the gut to submit my final year research project on the subject matter titled “Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce): A Revolution to Economic Development”. This is the time when internet is still very new in Nigeria, and people are very cynical about transacting business via the internet, but today, the story have change, except for the laggards.

In the previous edition of this article, it was emphasis that having computer connected to internet is a better asset compare to your big house, cars etc. quoting Strive Masiwiya, Founder and Executive Chairman, Econet Wireless in an articles on his facebook page. In the last paragraph of the previous article, the need to clarify the issue of internet versus internet business is what gave birth to this follow up.

Mobility and Communication

Few months before writing the article, I was discussing with a friends in variety of issues concerning business, career and personal achievement and he advice that I need to have got a car for myself to ease my mobility. I said fine, it’s true, but right now, I move true my computer connected to internet. I knew what I said is not much cleared to him, he never ask question and trying to explain when he is not ready to know might be a waste of time, so we end the discussion there.

Having a computer connected to internet goes beyond just selling; if such is not applicable to you. But one thing I knew too well is that communication is paramount to successful living. Gone are the days when we need to be in front of our television or radio set and or read news paper before accessing information. Today information is at the tips of our fingers through our mobile phone or computer connected to internet. It is expensive sharing information through the previous medium, but information move freely and rapidly through the internet, it now your duty to generate knowledge out of the numerous information. Either audio, video or text, advertisement via the internet is easier, cost effective and reaches out more than television and radio since we have many people viewing the internet more than television or listening to radio.

If you love learning or teaching, you can easily achieve your desire through the internet. The need for being in classroom before learning or receiving a certificate is gradually fading away. Distance learning as we know it before is not about licensing a party to operate a centre anymore, it is through the internet.

The Usefulness of Internet as Applicable to You

Whatever you need internet for; there is nobody to ask about it than herself, just google it. It safes time, energy, cost etc. Let’s take for example shopping. Either locally or around the globe, being present at the location is becoming forbidden; since you can easily place an order via their website or better web store, make payment and the goods will be deliver to your door step; then why stressing yourself.

Except for the lazy ones, whatever you have to offer the world, there is always a free market space for you on the internet to showcase your talent, experience, skills, idea, goods and service compare to a physical store, shop, office etc, even if you have to share,  you will pay. For example, this blog is freely hosted by google via except for the domain that I attached to it, which to me is an asset. If you doubt that check


There is erroneous information about what internet or online business is all about. Majority think in terms of involving some money doing nothing while returns or interest is being paid to them even if they cannot verify the source of such returns. I think many of such schemes like this are nothing but ponzi scheme.

Either you decided to sell your goods and services online, decide to offer free services generating income from donation and or advertisement, or promote your talents, skills and idea online for sponsorship, you are as well doing business online. It is all about using internet to reach more people than you can do through your presence. Success lies in serving more and more people beyond your locality.

Farmer needs cutlass, hoe, tractor, etc, tailor needs sewing machine, scissors, needles etc, electrical engineer can hardly do without screw driver, pliers, tester etc, but we all need computer connected to internet as a tools for communication, career and business to be successful.

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