The Future is Now (Book Review)

In search of the future for ourselves and children, we seems to be strict and unease, we focus on the future and neglect the present. We limit our knowledge and approach. We focused on just one thing and pay little or no attention to other requirements. Unfortunately, where we focus to get the solution, it seems solution is no more there, it has moved on to things we are neglecting.

In the book title, “The Future is Now”, the author talk about education and the misinterpretation of it, he also talk about education; then, now and in the future and why academic education generally tagged education is not enough to achieve the future we dream about.

There is one thing we need to get clear, the need to choose a successful career, there is lot of influence and ignorance when it comes to choosing career part. The students are naïve, the schools fail government failed in their job and unfortunate the parents that is suppose to rescue instead of orienting is trying to enforce. This is the beginning of failure not in the academic path but on future career and actualization of dream. This has contributed a lot to the unemployment situation in the world most especially in developing nations.

Balogun M. Adewale do not fail to spell out “How to chose a successful career” that guarantee actualization of vision and dreams. He also give reasons why we need to encourage the teens to embrace “self education and self development”.
We have tagged student handicap in this part of the world, with lot of time and other resources wasted in the name of being educated so to say, this is another issue the author explain in details with solution on how to encourage your children to utilize the resources at their disposal and why they need to participate in economic and financial activities while at the same time pursue their academic education.

Whether we like it or not mentoring is a proving system of achieving a successful career, but unfortunately few ever have the opportunity or consider it an educational system. With a mentor, not only you will have a coach to motivate and inspire you, you will also have someone who will share his/her network and other resources with you towards achieving your dream. Balogun M. Adewale advise to get a mentor for yourself and for your children when necessary. Not only that, he also detail out the benefits of mentoring and necessary guideline on how to get the best out of the experience.

At the conclusion he said, “Academic education is important, the truth is that, at this information age, things has changed, it is no longer qualification for employment that is industrial age norms. While that cannot be totally eradicated, we need more than just academic education, we need practical education. And now that the cost of starting business is becoming affordable with the advent of internet, I advice we utilize our talent, skills, ideas and experience to provide solution in form of products and services to numerous problems around the world. This way, we will have more employers that make it easier for those who may not be able to become an entrepreneur.”

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