The Conspiracy of the Politicians

I am part of millions of Nigeria citizens happy to see our president back after his vacation that lasted more than expected. I am very sure it is not a deliberate act but knowing full well that there is a lot of hidden fact clear to people close to him among family and political mate. But my question is that; could that be a conspiracy?

Being born in the late 70s, I grown up to witness military government until 1999 when democracy return back to Nigeria. But since then, the definition of democracy by different scholars is becoming questionable. According to Wikipedia “Democracy (Greek: δημοκρατία, Dēmokratía literally "rule of the commoners"), in modern usage, is a system of government in which the citizens exercise power directly or elect representatives from among themselves to form a governing body, such as a parliament.”

The world believes that democracy is the best system of government, everyone hate the system where they cannot be able to question the people governing them which become ruling instead of leading. But looking at the democracy of ours, I began to questioning which one is even better among the two.

One thing is glaring among all other measure: corruption. The rate at which corruption is being perpetrated in this democracy is becoming alarming compare to the military system of government. It happens at every level, from political appointees, government officials and down to community leaders. I visited a friend in a community within Lagos. Getting there, I met a group of people discussing about the issue of community leaders and the way they are handling the electricity issue. As gathered, the payment is centralized, the electricity companies does not need officials to go about soliciting for bill payment, the community leaders promise to do that, and they estimate an amount expected from them monthly. Things seem to be going smoothly until the electricity power company decided to stop supplying electricity. That is when the community members started asking question on what seems to be the problem. A little research reveal that despite the fact that the amount the CDAs (Community Leaders) are collecting monthly if estimated is above the agreed bills the company is expected, they even failed to pay the company the one collected. It was when the people in charge cannot bear the mounting unclear bills that lead to disconnection.

Now, the community members are certain on what is going on with the game their leaders are playing. But that is raising an assumption on the part of the people in charge at the company suspecting something abnormal happening. All this is just by the way on the issue of corruption in democracy.

Robert T. Kiyosaki, a notable game changer to personal finance around the world wrote a whole book titled “The Conspiracy of the Rich”. He made it well known that there is conspiracy concerning our education, taxes and the  reason why practical personal finance and money management and or wealth creation is omitted from school curriculum up to university level.

Reading this book several times is exposing a lot to me to think about concerning leadership and political issues in Nigeria. There seems to be a lot of conspiracy on many issues masses are arguing and fighting themselves about. Recently, I come across an article written by Dr. Strive Masiwiya (Chairman, Econet Wireless) concerning a conspiracy that leads to the exits of Econet Wireless (one of the first carrier of GSM operation in Nigeria) from Nigeria. You can read the full articles here .

The present conspiracy around the health of our President Muhammadu Buhari is the same that happen during the regime of Late President Musa Yar’Adua that leads to his exit to eternity (may his soul rest in peace). This keeps me wondering and questioning if it is wrong for the populace to know the health condition of their president.

In conclusion I realized that since the game is all about the power between political parties more than the well-being of the people they pretend to be leading, everyone are protecting their interest both personally and in group(political parties). As a result they prefer to keep the truth away from the media in other not to give their opponent opportunity to take advantages of such information for media propaganda.

The game have now become “if you cannot beat them you join them”, even if President Muhammadu Buhari is not pleased with this conspiracy for who we know him to be, he is incapacitated to tell the masses.

Right from agrarian age, there has always being conspiracy. But expectedly we think modernization should put an end or at least minimize it most especially with democracy, but unfortunately it even becoming more intense. It is left for you to accept the reality of bettering yourself instead of wasting your precious time and energy discussing, arguing and fighting for or against the powerful conspiracy game. Saying this does not mean I am supporting the ungodly act but knowing fully well that if you and me is conscious of being righteous and shun the immoral leadership style and other corrupt practices, tomorrow will be  better. Since naturally changes occur whether we like it or not.

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