Are You Reviewing Your Goals Regularly?

I was born in early April, precisely April 3rd, so, I have the opportunity to reflect on so many things on that day, not just to celebrate and be merry. It’s an opportunity for me every year to review my first quarter goals and also, I regard that day to be my new year day and new beginning to reflect on my yearly activities and goals and set new once.

The above scenario may not be applicable to you; it is my own way and it work very well for me. But generally, it is advisable not only to set different categories of goals either short, medium or long term goals, but also to review it at internal as convenient for us. The word convenient here may not be ideal to give the best outcome since discipline is required to set and achieve goals.

One tact that I used most for my short term goal is to set weekly financial and actionable goals. The weekly financial goals may as well be called a budget. The secret behind this is because I am not a wage or salary earner, so there is no limit to what I can do or earn. I have the opportunity to determine how much I should strive to earn weekly to meet up with improvement and growth I want in my business monthly, quarterly and within a year. The goal is not leaving out activities required as well, in a nutshell I have no choice; I have to review my goals weekly before talking about the monthly or yearly review.

I know setting goals seems to be difficult for some people but can be easily simplify reading; Goal Setting, the Simplier the Better. It is understandable that regular, most especially weekly goal review might seems to be overkill but there is no choice than to do it regularly if you care to make it happen. It is the only thing that differentiates wishes from desire. The best way to understand the important of regular goal review is to read the book “The Science of Getting Rich” by Dr. Wallace Wattle. The book is all about having dream (big dream), setting goals, reviewing and reminding yourself of it regularly. The author believes there is unimaginable power in this process and anyone who is able to do it will surely get what he/she desire.

Regularly, it is expected you go over your monthly and yearly goals even if the weekly review is not of you. If you are not convinced enough with the points above, I think the following point might get you to adjust yourself to regularly review your goals.

1. You agreed it’s a road map: Before setting goals, we agreed to know where we are going to, but not certain on how to get there. Definitely if we stop reviewing the map (goals) regularly, we are sure to get lost along the way. Not only that reviewing yourgoal will keep you on track but also give you the opportunity to ignore any distraction along the way.
2. Every habit is achieved by repetition: We walk, talk, and eat easily. We commute from house to office and shopping malls without asking anyone. We make them a habit because we do it regularly. If that seems to be too easy, remember those songs in your memory. You remember how you are able to do it and keep it there for years. If only we can make our goals a habit, achieving them will be easy.
3. It’s a motivation as well inspiration: Every goal is set to take us from where we are to where we want to be or leaving something behind. A regular reading it to ourselves (review) will motivate us to take require action achieve it. If we are able to achieve it or part of it or moving closer to it, it will inspire us to move ahead to the next one or next step or to set a new one, which is not possible without review.
4. Opportunity to increase your well-being: Since reviewing our goal is sure to get them achieved, achieving more goals will make us happy. Happiness is behind well-being.

Goal Review is a way of being accountable to yourself, it is part of the process of achieving goals.

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