Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Are you the woman?

I am one of those who believe in making women feel important. But these days, the quest for gender equality is raising many questions. The truth is, most of the time we all have the habit of supporting an idea and movement we consider great without having the end results in mind. In an attempt to compensate the so called inferiority or preferably subordinating nature of women, we are creating an atmosphere where we have homes without an automatic leadership as it was meant to be. But one thing I am so sure about is that, any woman interested in raising successful children will not buy the idea of gender equality in her home. This does not mean I am supporting the idea of enslaving women. No! Never!

The above argument is just by the way to as well support the subject of this article. Stories, discussion and note on the important of women are all over social media, anytime I come across one of those issues, I do ask a rhetorical question on how many women met such criteria, even the person that is sharing it. Why I am resisting bringing religion into this discussion, women capacity and level of reasoning is clearly stated by Almighty Go in religious books. God want men to treat them like eggs, but the fight never to accept such position is what is instigating brutality, women abuse and broken homes. Studies has shown that an average man is not naturally brutal but will not accept the act of been rudely challenged by women. Although any man who as a result of rude attitude of his woman becoming brutal is losing it, such act is uncalled for.

In several occasions, I have read on social media the story of a lady who is gainfully employed as a banker, but unfortunately, her husband is unable to secured job. As narrated, the lady remain absolutely humble and submissive given all her monthly income to her husband to decide on how it will be allocated for their upkeep including major share of it being used by the husband in search of job across the country, and at last the man is able to secure a job with good pay that surpass that of his wife many times.

After many years, the wife accidentally comes across the man’s will in which he boldly stated that all property belong to his wife including the houses he built as a result of humble and submissive character that got him to that stage in life.

There are many men out there willing to do the same, who want to appreciate and give mighty surprises to their women but have such dream being killed by the woman in their life. It is the responsibility of the man to take care of the family but in a situation where circumstances warrant his inability to do so, the question now is; is he trying to be responsible?

Many times, when the man is unwillingly not capable to take care of the family, and the woman is able or even unable; it becomes a problem making him automatically losing his manly and leadership position. Is it supposed to be this way? If eventually the man becomes successful, will you claim to be the woman behind the success?

Yes, there are also many crook and irresponsible men out there. But that has nothing to do with you been crook along with him, the only exception is where such man is abusing you physically; then you can move on with your dear life. I have seen many cases around me. It is psychological and spiritual that if a man willingly becomes irresponsible, God will give the glory to the woman trying to shoulder such responsibility, making him becoming more buoyant in every way, if you accept this to be true, why losing your humility.

When the issues of given man support is mentioned, people always think in term of cash.  The support required by man to become successful is not of cash but kind. Although, where cash is required and you are able to, there is nothing wrong with it. Every man needs a home that will support his creativity, motivation and inspiration to succeed and women has such and otherwise. If you fail to give it, someone, somewhere will do so and will take the glory you are fighting for doing nothing.

The woman behind every successful man is expected to be the wife, but in most cases, it is the mother. The equation is, a woman who cannot give her husband a support hardly have what it takes to make her children a successful one. Definitely, if this statement is true, which I believe it is; the race starts from being a submissive and supporting wife becoming mother not fighting for equality that is not available to do good but worst.

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