Have You Ever See a Successful Entrepreneur with Wrong Partner?

Ever since I grew up to think and act right, I have two dreams I could remember; to be a successful entrepreneur and to build a successful family. I have always thought I can do it on my own. Believing if I act right with determination, everything will fall into places. I never think partner could be a challenge in business and in my personal life. This same scenario is the same for many of us out there.

I have paid a lot of physical, emotional and financial resources to realize that life is about partnership. In many of my discussion and training, I always share the ideology of being careful with people who believe they are an island because they will cost you more than you ever bargain for. Ever since I realized this aspect of life, I never stop advising and congratulating people who are still single, about to entre labour market or are aspiring entrepreneur. Congratulating them because, they have the opportunity to choose right from few advices I will give them and they could as well learn from other sources.

Concerning marital relationship before I start discussing business relationship, Let me share a thought by Mugumya Junior as share on his facebook page;


What do you talk about when you go "out" with that future wife or husband??

Statistics show, more than half of all marriages today end up in divorce. In my naive observation, I always see a heaven and bed of Roses when a couple is still dating. I see champagne, PIZZAs, gifts, smiles, beauty & make-up running at maximum.

My curiosity is: what do young people discus whenever they meet for a "date"? Is it all about praising her hair, skin, dress, figure or his job? My old friend once narrated a story I too relate with.

"When I meet for a date, I ask her about her future plan. I want to know her purpose and destiny. I want to know the next thing she's planning to do with her life. That way, every girl seems to be bored with that talk & nobody return for 2nd date." he said.

If were to reduce divorces, let’s check out from dating. If this month he takes you for PIZZA at KFC, next month let him take you to meet his friends not for shopping.

Help me here; what do people talk about at a "date"?


February 2016, while discussing with a girl who want my mentoring concerning her future of becoming an entrepreneur, I ask if she’s still single, in serious relationship or engaged. The reason I asked as a reply to her respond is because if he is the type that is against the ideology (because we have people like that) then there will be a problem in her pursue of becoming a successful entrepreneur. In a nutshell, your first partner in becoming a successful entrepreneur is your other half.

Robert T. Kiyosaki shared a lot and his personal experience relating to partner in business and how he has been enriched with the right partners and been hurt brutally by the wrong ones. But the best partner he will never stop talking about positively is Kim; his wife. Another partner that brings him to limelight is Sharon L. Lechter and host of others as you can testify to through his Rich Dad series.

Recently he wrote as shared on my facebook timeline;

Are you afraid to let go of what’s holding you back?

Are you afraid to let go of what’s holding you back? Two weeks ago I tweeted: “There are times when you have to shed your past. Your past view of yourself and your past friends. You’ll replace both with better.”

This is an important first step when it comes to choosing your personal success. Look around you right now, are your current friends, colleagues, or partners holding you back? Are they the right ones to help you on your journey to a life you want?

I feel the most important key for anyone seeking success and happiness in their life is to carefully choose the people you surround yourself with. Said another way, get rid of the negative people in your life. Supportive people encourage you to go for your goals and dreams. They want you to win, tell you why you’ll succeed, and offer their guidance and support.

Negative people will tell you all the reasons why you can’t do something. They’ll tell you, “It’ll never work,” “Don’t be ridiculous,” “What makes you think you could pull that off?” or “Don’t take a risk. You might lose.”

Negativity pulls you down when you should be soaring!
The most important action I took toward my own success and happiness was clearly severing ties with negative and pessimistic people in my business and personal life. I also regularly check in on myself and ask, “Am I the kind of person and partner that I want to be for others?”

Eliminating the negative people in my life and constantly evaluating myself as a potential partner changed everything in my life for the better.

Few traits I noticed about bad partners are;
·        They are selfish and always make reference to whatever they do for you
·        They claim right but overlooked their responsibilities.
·        Always want to cut corners.
·        They are less emotional, so they hardly feel it hurting you
·        They hardly see anything good in people around them
·        They have unforgiving heart

That is a personal view anyway, but very sure you will find them useful by adding yours.

Let me close this discussion with a quote from Strive Masiwiya;

“Who would be on your "dream team"?

Always look for the "game changer" (Part 3).

One of the ways you strengthen your business is to look for opportunities to partner with the best in your game. You're never too big or too small to look for partners that will fit your needs. When you partner with the best, you learn to improve your business dramatically. In the best partnerships, they win, and you win, too.

Finding a "game changer" for your business through partnerships is extremely important. This is an ongoing process for me. I've always looked for opportunities to partner with those who can help give me access to technology, business systems, intellectual property (IP), and general know-how for my people.

Finding a "game changer" for your business through partnerships is extremely important.
It's not just about trying to get investors. It's also about finding unique products and services that can enhance your business and make it more competitive. You don't have to invent everything yourself.

It is true that, experience is the best teacher, but do we have to make all mistakes before we get wisdom. I don’t think so. With education not school we can overcome lot learning from other people’s mistakes, failure and or success.