Introducing: Lumos Mobile Electricity, Powered by MTN

Electricity have been a major challenge to national development in Nigeria for years. Not that the nation could not afford the required financial capability to provide a regular power supply, but unfortunately, power supply happen to be one of the victims of the dangerous and chronic illness: corruption, that bedevil our development.

Effort by individual and corporate bodies to find alternative to power their homes, factories and offices is costly and dangerous to our health in form of environmental pollution. To find solution to this problem, authority around world generally is encouraging people to go for alternative healthy and environmental friendly electricity solution like wind, solar etc.

In about five years ago, during a discussion on this issue with some friends, I told them very soo,n people will forget about using fuel electricity generating set and go for solar and or wind energy. While some of them show some sign of believe, majority of is arguing about the possibility. To further clarify it, I let them know the reason they are full of doubt is because, presently, it is not affordable, but very soon the cost of acquisition will reduce as people started showing more interest. Comparing it to gasoline electricity generator, I reminded them that, formerly, it is very hard to afford one, but right now, every household have one or more gasoline generating set in different sizes according to their capability. Ever since then, I have been an agent of this great change discussing it with anyone who care to listening and in many occasion I have directed people to where they can enquire or buy one.

In an attempt to further use technology to provide solution to electricity challenge in Nigeria, the telecommunication giants, MTN Nigeria, in partnership with world famous solar provider, Lumos, lunched the Lumos Mobile Electricity on February 20, 2017 in Abuja for both home and business use.

The solar solution comprises of outdoor panel and indoor units to power light weight appliances such as, led light bulb, table fan, laptop computer, television, phone charging etc. As gathered on their website and in one of their centre, participants will pay one time commitment fee; about N26, 000 (plus or minus) which I think depends on exchange rate, pick up the kits for installation, then pay approximately N4, 250 for 5 years via their telephone recharging before becoming the full owner of the whole equipment.

The maintenance for the 5 years period will be taking care of by the company if you stick to the terms and condition. The indoor unit has being programmed in such a way that, if you fail to pay the monthly charges, you will not be able to use the kit. It will be automatically lock. As you can see, it means, interested participants must become MTN customer since the charges will be via your GSM sim.

Everyone I discussed this with is interested except the 5 years payment period; they considered it to be too long. Some even compare it to outright purchase in the market.

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