GIGAMEET: One Hour Could Change Everything

The benefit of meeting right people who can influence and assist your career growth has always being an uncompromised advice of successful people around the world. If you are a lover of reading biography like me, you would have read about this in many occasions.

Many people remain where they are because they lack opportunity and resources to me the right people who can be of help to make their dream come true. The truth is that, every investment towards meeting successful person that could give you advice, network and assistance one way or another will be profitable and that is what Gigameet is making easier for you.

Recently, I added a column on my online magazine titled “Role Models”, sharing biography of successful people around the world as a real life story to motivate and inspire my readers. Telling them that, they have what it takes to become successful as indicated in many of biography we will be sharing. After featuring Aliko Dangote (GCON) and Dr. Strive Masiwiya as found on, I decided to look back to youths doing great things, and the name Chinedu Echeruo is one among numerous one that first occur to me. You remember that guy that sold his app to Apple as read in the news. Yes! He is the one.

Before now, just like you, I think that is just what I knew about him. But a little research in other to share his biography with my readers at Empowermite, I came across a lot more about this Techprenuer that fascinate me including Gigameet which I decided to share with you even before sharing his biography. That is how excited I am about the Gigameet concept. But before talking more about Gigameet, let me share brief biography of Chinedu Echeruo as found on his Gigameet page.

“Chinedu U Echeruo is the Founder and CEO of, a cause-driven platform that facilitates human connections globally. Prior to starting Gigameet, Mr. Echeruo founded two U.S-based internet companies; and was acquired in 2010 by Rand McNally and is now owned by USA Today. HopStop was acquired by Apple in 2013. He was also named Black Enterprise Magazine's Small Business Innovator of the Year and listed in the magazine's Top 40 under 40. Before his entrepreneurial career, Mr. Echeruo was with AM Investment Partners, a USD $500 million volatility-driven convertible bond arbitrage hedge fund. Prior to completing his M.B.A., he spent several years in the Mergers and Acquisitions and Leveraged Finance groups of J.P Morgan Chase where he was involved in a broad range of M&A, financing and private equity transactions. He holds an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School and B.S in Finance and Accounting (Honors) from Syracuse University.”

Gigameet is a platform that facilitates meeting people you have been dreaming about globally for a little fee either in person or video conference for an hour. Percentage of the fee paid will be given to charity of your choice.

Either in person or via video conferencing, you have the choice on one on one or joining a group which might reduce the fee you will pay. But if you seek my advice on this, I will prefer one on one. It’s an investment that will yield multiple rewards if you well utilize it.

You should know that, this is not personal social meet up but mainly career/business meeting. Among the primary reasons for the meeting as allowed on the platform are;
·        Career questions
·        Job opportunities
·        Expert advice
·        Investment opportunity
·        Share experience
·        Discuss product/service
·        Discus doing business together

You also have the opportunity to write elaborate note on the option you choose; up to 500 characters.

It’s also a platform that makes it easier for you to invite people to your next business events.

Don’t forget to set up and provide adequate information on your profile as someone somewhere also looking forward to meet you too.

I realize that Gigameet is not a popular as most social media we have around, as a result of that, your desire mentor and potential partner may not be on the platform. Don't worry you can easily invite them via any of the popular social media like facebook, linkedin, twitter, pintrest and email.

My view goes beyond just meeting someone just for a business chat, questions or advice. I am beginning to set up my board of advisers now that I have easy way to reach them. When next I need advice to take major step forwards towards new horizon, I knew where to head to. What about you?

Meanwhile don't forget to read the terms and condition of the platform.

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