Hypocrisy about Gender Equality/Radical Feminism

God loves women so much that He never wants them to engage in strenuous activities. And the big part of it, command men to take very good care of them always. To start from here I know the radical feminists reading this is already fighting my statement, as we have seen in many social media and personal discussion in praise of full time women or otherwise who take good care of their husband, the kids and administer the home generally. But I do ask in many occasions that how many women are humble enough to measure up to that standard.

Human being generally always put on themselves what God has exempted them. Such case also is of those women trying to compete with men fighting for equality. Gone are the days we know one work or position strictly meant for men. Despite the fact that we know all part of women body is nakedness, they claim to stop enslaving women by forcing them to cover their body. We all know that this and many more are God’s instructions and commandments extracted from religious books. Except if such natural laws are against that of God, anyone fighting such should know he/she is fighting God, if that is possible.

Funny enough, going down the history lane, we’ve known women to always lure men to commit one atrocity or another. A good example is the story of the first creator, Adam and Eve. In another way round, many men in an attempt to please their women go astray. Women in their own way have no reason to persuade men with materials things except to lure them with their beauty and mischievous characters to take from men either righteously or otherwise.

Someone said, those who teach people on how to be happy has experience unhappiness one way or another in their life. This is similar to the issue of radical feminist. 

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According to Labby Owolabi Jamiu, 

“The fortunate ones become "Womanists" or "Motherists", The Unfortunate ones become radical feminists”. He also said “Yes, we came to this World to please women. Any man that cannot please his woman should not think of getting married, otherwise, you will just become an irresponsible husband. Mind you, this doesn't stop them from agitating for gender equality that is not lost. They are Oliver Twist. So insatiable”

The last statement in the last paragraph is pathetic for those who has or is experiencing it and happened to be major hypocrisy about the fight for gender equality from family perspective. I don’t know where the statistics came from, judging about few men who are insane in one way or the other molesting their women. And if you investigate very well, you may come to note that the man has been push to the wall, so in an attempt to let her taste part of her cooking, he overreact and become the guilty one.

Ever from primary school those days, one major capital offense for any boy is to beat or let’s says fight a girl, even if the girl is stronger and have upper hand, the boy will still be punished. Getting to secondary school, not only boys are not expected to fight girls because of their fragile nature, teachers are not expected to cane them in some part of their body. Showing how the society including men is trying to obey God commandments in protecting women.

Let us look this issue from leadership perspective. The gender equality game is more intense as a result of women interesting in leading just as men most especially in political arena but not excluding corporate world. Initially, their claim was that women are good in leading and managing things than men, but now that we have as many of them as possible in those positions, the game is now who is more corrupt between men and women.

It is hypocrisy to think there in inequality between men and women, despite the fact that God place men above women. It is the same God that gives each party different weapon but only to use it the right way. The physical is that of men while verbal is that of women. “You talk like woman” a typical statement for any man who talk or argued too much. Any woman who uses his verbal power over men is molesting. And this happen everyday in many homes throughout the years and nobody ever call this a crime. That is part of the hypocrisy of gender equality.

If we view this issue from right and responsibility points of view, we will stop equating what God has differentiated. God task the men to work hard to provide for the women and any man who failed this we all know him to be irresponsible but what of a woman who fail his own aspect of been submissive and taking care of the home. Gone are the days when being submissive is a virtue of women, today, even if the man have enough and ready to take care of the women, 95% of them still believe they are being enslave for not allowing them to labour themselves like men.
There is no doubt about what we have in our society today, what we are asking for is what we are seeing around. Majority radical feminists are selfish and irrational recruiting others to join their unfortunate ways of life, creating unhealthy society by teaching women violence. They never know what happy home is all about, so will be happy if you join their unhappy life. What we have in society today is a result of families. If we have as many peaceful families as possible in any community, such community will be as healthy as the families and vice versa. There is always alternative way to achieve a goal, instead of fighting for equality, while not strive to make work what God has set up. Even if any man is trying to play equality in his family, it will never work if you are demanding for it.

I am not sure those who believe in gender equality view it this way. When it comes to proposing and getting married, except few culture if any around the world, everyone agreed it is the man that is expected to ask the lady in marriage, seek the parents approval and pay the price (don’t want to use bride price, since we don’t know who will be the bride in term of gender equality). I know the so called modernization is changing everything since many people believe there is nothing wrong for woman to propose to man, I think with the fight for equality, then, it will not be a bad idea for the woman to seek approval from the man’s parents and pay the price.

Many women and sometimes men fighting for this gender equality is a product of one religion organization or another, most especially as a Christian or Muslim. I can’t stop wondering if such people are still claiming to be a believer.

We have heard story of God’s wrath on generations upon generations who violate His commandments committing atrocity on land, I have not heard that of any generation trying to fight for gender equality. I hope this will not lead us toward the share of God’s wrath.

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