If You Are Interested In Living an Easy Life From The Start, Forget About Financial Freedom

This is not generally applicable anyway, but I can bet majority fall into this category. Except if you are fortunate been born with a silver spoon, inherit great fortune or rather have a great support and backup; even if you do, if what you so much care about is to be financially free, it will never come easy. You have to be ready to take the bull by the horn.

Let me take this first from the earnings aspect of financial freedom. There is no and will never be any easy way to earn money, not even by scamming or stealing. If being a crook sound easy way to earn money, I can guarantee you are only postponing the hardship for later. I use to say whenever I have the opportunity to speak with people personally or in group about financial freedom “you either pay now or play later” or vice versa, you can’t beat that. Enough of that for now, let’s talk about the right way to earn money.

The easiest way an average person thinks when it comes to earning money is to have someone pay them an agreed amount regularly (salary). It may sound interesting at initial stage, but as times goes on it become kind of burden most especially if you only accept the offer as a result of the money. Even if you love the job, it still hardly comes easy. Whether you choose to be a business owner, investor or choose to earn a regularly pay check, you can’t achieve financial freedom living a cool life from the start, you have to be ready for the task, it’s never come easy.

Managing Your Money
If earning money is not easy, managing it is even harder. The reason so many people cannot attain the state of financial freedom is because of the hard work involve in managing their money.

We all have the opportunity to be financially free either we earn a little or earn large, but the hard part is the ability to save part of the earnings. Meaning discipline of cultivating savings habit towards financial freedom is the hard part. If you can make this part of your life, you are one step ahead towards financial freedom.
Savings is important to financial freedom but is not the only aspect of managing your money. In generality, you have to learn how to budget your earnings and be good at keeping your money safe.

Multiplying Your Money
We are all a saver, the difference is in either we save to spend or save to earn. So, don’t think because you save some few dollars regularly, you are becoming financially free.

Do you know that, a saver in most cases is a looser? Yes! This is as a result of the economic problem called inflation. I mean lost in value of your money. In a lay man’s language; what a dollar can by today is more than what it can buy tomorrow. If that is the case, how then do you multiply your money toward financial freedom?

When it come to making more money, majority fall for the con men who promise to multiply their money for them. Who tells you multiplying your money come that easy? If it is that simple, then we will have many rich men around.
Multiplying your money is not easy; you have to learn how to do it. The hard part is learning, that is the reason you see people turning their money to so called expert who promise to help them achieve their dream of financial freedom without their involvement. Remember, transferring the risk or in this case the hard work also means transferring the benefit.

At this jet age, people want it instantly; they are not ready to delay the result. One of the major principles of financial freedom is the ability to wait patiently to see your money grow to the point you will be enjoying it without working hard to earn a leaving. This principle can be traced to the law of compounding in which you are expected to reinvest your returns to earn more returns. Doing this over and over for a long time is hard. You have to discipline yourself to wait patiently to grow your money to the point you can boldly say, I am financially free.

How Long Do You Keep It?
We have seen people who win millions of dollar or inherit such but get broke in a very short time. You know what? We all know naturally how to spend money easily but not how to make it. It’s hard to stay financially free for a long time, you may think this fall under managing your money, but the skill require to manage your money towards financial freedom is different from staying financially free.
We should differentiate between having money and being financially free. Financial freedom goes beyond having sum bulk of dollars in your bank account. It’s about consistency of income far beyond your living expenses from sources (assets, businesses and investments) that require little or none of your time and energy.

There are many more points to prove that achieving financial freedom require your hard work. In addition, it requires regular update of knowledge, skills and information.

It is no longer news that, information and knowledge is available just like air but the problem is the ability to analyze and differentiate the right from wrong. This require learning if you so much care about being financially free.

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