Forces Against Your Financial Freedom: Ignorance

According to a Yoruba adage, “Iran meta kii tosi (Three generations cannot reign in penury)”. But I seem to dispute that. Although some do use “should not rather than cannot” if that is the case, I will say the adage is motivational one.

Many people remain in penury today and keep their generation in that cycle because they are ignorant about ignorance, I mean they are not aware that they are not aware or should I say they don’t know that they don’t know. 

Is the statement confusing?

Ok, maybe I should say, they are not aware that they don’t know. Still the same, I guess. Whichever way you decide to use the statement, the point I am trying to make is people attitude towards learning. 

Some people are so ignorant to the extent that they are not aware that there is need to find solution to their financial problem.

My definition of ignorance here is about the awareness of finding the required knowledge and skills and ready to take the necessary action and discipline towards your financial freedom.

Some may think there struggle to earn a living is their quest towards financial freedom. I am so sorry to disappoint you that, it is not. If you are not aware about the need to be financially free and be ready to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills towards achieving the mission. You just remain in the cycle of earning and spending.

Those who can read but fail to read are not better than those who cannot. The last time majority stop reading is the day they finish schooling which is also applicable to lecture or training.

Successful people have something in common, continues learning towards a set goal until they achieve it.

If financial freedom is a mission worth accomplish, then your first goal is to start searching and continue searching for where to acquired the require knowledge and skills to achieve it.

Where we are going is not far away, the problem we have is how to get there and that is the big dilemma.

You have to commit a lot of your resources towards acquisition of knowledge towards financial freedom by reading, attending seminars and workshops, making friends with people who have the same goal etc.

Did you know why?

It is because the first thing to do is to change your mindset towards the new you, you are about to become; change your context for the new content.

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