In a Relationship, Every Action Count to Bring You Closer or Tear You Apart

I can't comprehend why an average human being are somehow lazy. Hear me out, we want it easier or we want a lot of things in our life automated. We claim entitlement to everything.

Some takes the responsibility to earn a living but believe that is enough to be success, I mean to be financially free. That is still bearable; what about those who fold their arms waiting for manna from heaven becoming beggar when they have all what it takes to work hard to the top both financially and otherwise.

Somehow related but that is not the context of this article. Let’s leave that for another day. For now let’s see what this has to do with relationship.

Our birth and growing up is to communicate to us by God pending when we become conscious of living. We have being hearing this everyday but still consider the knowledge and wisdom in it not enough to guide us. Why should we be expecting from where we do not so? Why are we expecting to withdraw where we do not save? Where there is right, definitely there will be responsibility. Why do we focus on the right neglecting the responsibility?

Either personal or business relationship, there is rights and responsibilities, but how many people take into full concern the responsibilities. We behave lackadaisical on the job but whenever anything happen to our so called right (pay) we become so active and remember there is something called solidarity, why not solidarity to get the job done perfectly before talking about members welfare. Again, I am not focusing on this context here, my focus is on personal relationship between man and woman, I mean spouses.

The man claim his right everyday, he is so aware of everything that is the duties of his wife and will not fail to castigate whenever she failed in any aspect, even if it is accidental or occasional fault or disappointment. But is he taking care of his own responsibility of providing and protecting the family. Ultimately, supporting the whole family members where needed is his responsibility.

Women claim the right of being love and taking care of but want to claim equal right and consider taking care of the home a slavery, she want to be free (of course), but don’t want to take order from her spouse but cannot go against such at work or from her pastor or Alfa. Even if earning millions monthly, still consider it abnormal to contribute to the financial responsibility at home. My question that is yet to receive a satisfying answer is why come together is you are not ready to complement each other? Why not depart rather than fighting everyday? It baffle me a lot to see enemies (husband and wife) living together.

Relationship takes time just like conceiving, birth and growing up. But if we truly want a relationship that start, grow and end well, each party have to take his/her responsibility into consideration and be aware that every act and speech involving the spouse is solidifying or destroying the relationship.

It is never a must to work with the society accepted rights and responsibilities of relationship, why I am not supporting that. You can both agree on each party rights and responsibilities.

There is no cause without effect, just like an average person live without some set achievable goals; this is more applicable to a lot of relationships. The word “I Love You” has being so common to the extent that, the parties cannot answer the question of what create love without relating; of course appearance; the starting point of the problem ahead.

There could even be solution with that if not to the non-challant and most especially pride. It is a stupidity to adhere to the advice of an outsider called friend to destroy what belong to you as a solution to find happiness. I have come to realized some are just sadist. If you find yourself with such person, the best solution is to let them be, the second best is to go psychological or spiritual.

Being in relationship is not a most, but if you chose to go into one, you should know that even if the starting is not what you bargain for, if your spouse just like you want the best out of it, you can gradually built it reminding yourself of the wisdom in birth and growing up.

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