The Effect of Demand and Supply on #Steem Value

Joining the #Steemit on Febrauary 10, 2018, #Steem and #SteemDollar is equivalent to over $3:50 but as at the time I am writing this article (April 1, 2018), it worth less than $2:00. The question is what caused or causing the lost in value to the tune of 60% in just two month.

We all know how the Social Medias in the web 2.0 are making their money; selling advertisement and our data give nothing to the users creating the content instead cost them much more than expected on data viewing advertisement. But in the Web 3.0 in which #steemit happened to be major social media example with vision to empower the quality content creators, we all feel the effect of being part of the system and many people and group are trying their best to defend the vision of quality content.

Thorough look at the system at the present time is somehow out of sync with the vision. Making money on #steemit is not about quality content. Everyone is so much engrossed on their own gain from the system. People careless about how quality your content, if at all they read it. Few people vote because your content means a lot to them, No! They rather sell such vote than to pay you for providing the information and knowledge.

I am still inquisitive on why #steemit create internal market for buying and selling votes. There should be a way out of this. This is one of the reasons why the value of #steem is depreciating rather than appreciating. There are lots of transaction going on internally with lots of outflow in form of withdrawal and less of inflow by way of buying #steem or #steemdollar to pay for products and services either within or outside the system (#steemit).

My conclusion on this is that, hands are of desk, which is the reason for the beta phase. I am one of those waiting anxiously for the better #steemit, more than what we have presently.

I love seeing apps and portals with unique idea to bring more people and more investment to the steem blockchain. Among the numerous, I am so fascinated with #dtube #dsound #steemgigs and the recent one on the block; #dbook. #Dbook idea is lovely, sincerely is one of the best but the app is terrible. That is my personal opinion. Watch out for my app #wiyng coming to join the race. Steem exchange like #steemexchanger is also doing a wonderful job, making it easy for people to invest in the #steem cryptocurrency. I have use their service and not disappointed in anyway.

One beautiful idea I know I don’t have resources to implement right now that I am sure will bring lots of value to #steem blockchain is a webstore like amazon and co accepting steem as mode of payment. Giving members to buy and sell using #steem and #steemdollar.

I know people are working hard to bring a lot to #steem blockchain for us to have good returns on our investment, hope you are one of them. If you can’t do it alone, then create a team to implement it. That is one of what I see in this community; #teamwork.

Together we can do it. Let’s work together to increase the value of #steem and #steemdollar.
For me, the dream is burning strong, I will never give up, because I believe my dream will come true.

What about you?

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