We get Over-Concerned About People's Matter while Our's Need Attention

Sometimes ago, a friend shared an issue with me that makes me recall same scenario that have happened to me severally that has taught me lots of lessons giving me the opportunity to learn how to focus on my business rather than getting over-concerned with other’s issue that has little or nothing to do with me. While I derived joy in being a helping hand, I have learnt to give such to those who truly need it, I mean those who call for it or accepted it warmly.

My friend just like myself in the past got over-concerned and sacrificing for what seems never to be his business. This is not the first time, because he has shared such issue with me in many occasions. What I thought immediately was, he is yet to learn his lesson.

There is a business partner that he has being dealing with for over 5 years now. According to him which I am aware of, he has always been given his frank point and advises in a way he think will pass the messages across but this time around, he did with annoyance because he is trying to embarrass him with a particular statement which he made mention of again. This is happening as a result of the way his business is going, but unfortunately he failed to focus and find solution to where the problem is coming from with a lot of reasons to back it up rather castigating those who are part of the solution which to some extent I think my friend is part of with our regular discussion about the same issue.

In reply to the statement he made on phone which he has being mentioning in the mist of people before. My friend went straight to his facebook messenger and made his points there. Where he made mistake was that he went too elaborate and go far as mentioning names and generalize a group of people. While to my understanding he did that sincerely to point out where his problems are rather than embarrassing those who are part of the problem, he decided to humiliate him the more by showing the messages to concerned members which they read lots of ugly meaning to. What a crucify?

There are quite some lessons in this simple occurrence that is useful for me which I think you will find useful too.
1.     It’s always interesting expressing feeling like this through any writing form but it is dangerous because if not deleted it will last for long time if not forever and can be seen and share.
2.     Even if you want to put it in writing, use coding and if you feel concerned that such person might not understand or deny understanding your messages, then elaborate but don't mention names.
3.     There is nothing wrong with been concerned about people, their personal and or business life, but, don't be over concerned because they don't care how concerned you are most especially when things further go wrong, they will eventually point at you to be one of the major courses or let you know you never contribute to the solution but rather contribute to it.

Yesterday, I said to myself. Come to think about it, he have issues crying for solution too, why wasting his resources on others matter rather than focus on his own.

Notwithstanding, if you have this nature like the person we are referring to in this article, don't forget the Yoruba adage that says "he who put a barricade on 1200 will lose the opportunity to get to (or receive) 1400.


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