Skills Acquisition Worth More Than Your So Called Education

Our life is characterized by the orientation we had early in life. I, just like an average individuals out there labelled people with valuable skills like tailoring, carpentry, welding etc an illiterate just because they are unable to understand the so called official language in our respective country. They are unable to read, write or speak the language because they are not opportune d to attend academic setup (school). This are people we look down on until we need their services. And despite the fact that without them, we can't put on cloth, built our houses, have furniture in our houses or repair our appliances and equipment, we most of the case still feel they are inferior to us.

The question is, what is the brain behind our so called education (academic)? From a clear understanding without quoting any research, education is invented to train those who can assist in business activities. When the need arise to build big enterprises, helping hand is needed, so there is need to teach them what to do and teach them about the easy way to communicate. But today, we so much give glory to academic education more than necessary. In reality, world invention are from skillful people; airplane, telephone, vehicle, name it. The brain behind it use more of skills than our so called education.
I have viewed and seen it in so many occasion and from different perspective that education is creating lazy mind compare to skill acquisition.
  • Firstly, the financial obligation of acquiring a useful and valuable skill is much more cheaper than academic education compare to the knowledge gained.
  • Without acquisition of skill, many academic or so called professional education are useless.
  • From financial literacy perspective, except that they are being underpaid without academic education added to their skill, people who acquire skill are financial literate more than we so called educated fellow.
    To buttress the final point, from my small computer school, majority students are either a secondary school students or secondary school leavers. What I realized was that their early life orientation of acquisition of academic qualification to gain employment to earn income is affecting the computer skills they are acquiring. The students along with their parents pay little or no importance to such skill, they only regard to it because their academic education will require it. Instead of utilizing such skill as a means of earning an income to support themselves towards there academic achievement many of them just regard it as a means of just getting engaged rather than playing around.
We need more practical skillful hands to improve the world economy, it is this skillful people that create jobs we are clamouring for, I am not disputing we need academic education, but we should lay much emphasis on skills acquisition and implementation more than academic education. Like the medical profession, piloting et al, we should make practical part of education compulsory. I can't imagine a graduate of computer engineering that cannot loose a computer system not to talk of fixing a faulty one.
Just the same way I am clamouring for practical skills for the academically qualified fellow, it is much more rewarding for a skillful person to in addition to the practical skills acquired to seek for knowledge and strategies to utilize the skill to do more, if not, the skill is as useless as never have it. This is the reason they in most cases remain behind because they earn less than what their skill worth.

In a developing country like ours, our development is still far ahead if we are still operating the lifestyle of youth at their 20's and 30's still depending on their parents for a living in the name of schooling. Maybe this is what president Muhammadu Buhari mean when he says "Nigerian Youths are Lazy" if at all he says that.
My hardworking dad never like education, he prefer acquisition of skill and farming or trading. Initially, he always spell out the reasons, I don't accepts his view far back then, but now, I am now reasoning along his view. Despite the fact that he never have preference for it, he gave me the necessary financial support to the best of his capacity when he realized I am adamant and I am appreciating that in wish without it I may not realized his reason against academic education. Why I am not buying all his view, one of his major point against academic people is that they are dubious. He believe and average educated fellow consider cheating to be normal way of life. They always look for a way of taking from you rather than giving. Could this be true?
I may have preference for skills acquisition than academic education, but I can't imagine the world without books and all this knowledge around. The question I am now asking is that, could it be possible without academic education? Maybe, maybe not. The little I know without much research as at the time I am writing this was that, the means of documentation has being in existence for quite ages, its only get better and easier from generation to generation.

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