The Beginning of Every Family Unrest is from Woman

Every 21st of June is set aside to celebrate men (fathers) who sacrifice without expecting praise or rewards. Although, in the ancient time, many men most especially few powerful ones has misused the power entrusted upon them by Almighty God, most especially in term of physical but also mental energy over the women. While this could not be without exception, superiority has being given to men to protect the women and only few women who will always like to prove the equality will denied or match up this prove. Men of course need the women support in so many diverse areas, just like women, the arrogant and foolish ones do denied it, which in most cases signify the beginning of our problems.

In one way or another, I have always being an advocate of women, but not the way they are vehemently demanding for their so called equality and losing their humility that is naturally their strength to gain whatever they legitimately demanded from men. No right sense man will be happy to give you anything willingly with those attitudes.

Mother’s day is always welcome with lots of programmes and activities with social media full of messages about the importance of women (mothers) not just in the family but society at large. What about the father’s day? You can testify to it. Is the father not important to the family or to the society? Or shall we say the mothers are more important than the fathers? Those questions require deep thinking answer.

On the 2018 father’s day, the first post that greeted me on my facebook app is from an old time friend, Isoma Ebigwe, he shared his thought;

“I Think It Is Father’s Day

I have the utmost regard for women and mothers which informs why I almost always defend and protect them the best ways I possibly can but then I think for years on end this robbing of fatherhood on themselves portrays women as seriously fighting for gender dominance.

I know also lots of men who were unfortunate to have played motherly roles to their kids because they were unfortunate to have related with a woman who abdicated her responsibilities. These men don't blare the horns or sound the trumpets when mothers are celebrated.

Mothers, we salute and appreciate you, we sincerely do but we think you should tone down on father’s day.

In recent time, the word “Radical Feminist” has being so common and popular about women who violently without thinking of exception demand for equal right. Not only that, anytime a man either mistakenly or accidentally cause an injury, molest, fight etc. a woman, they demand for justice without any attempt to hear the story that lead to that. Using their own lenses to analyse it further, they invariably accepted that, men are stronger than women physically and otherwise, as a result taking too much advantage of the power they have over women. So the only way they can eradicate that is to demand for law that will further protect them.

Looking at the rate women are demanding for men women equality, I have come to accepted my friend description of their demand which is now beyond equality but agitation for dominance. No one is disputing we are born equal, but we cannot be wise than the nature and above all God who originate the nature and everything.

This issue is erupting like volcano to the extent that even if the man is still fulfilling his responsibility, many women out there from experience and research by observation are not ready to acknowledge not to talk of giving glory for it.

Many issues that lead to the women asking for equal right are created by women themselves. When you see a family that lack unity and love, a thorough research will link the beginning of it to the wife (woman) in many occasions. It is only the foolish men that allow the table to be turn against them. The story of Adam and Eve is a very good example among numerous ones of how women do originate problems within family they will later gain the reward looking for someone that will fight for them. We men need a lot of wisdom to leave successfully with them, or else we will be paying dearly for it even if they are not asking for equal right.

Life is so interesting if you are fortunate to find a right thinking woman to be your wife, this has nothing to do with being educated or not and a little to do with being religious. If thoroughly analyse, western ideology which the so called education (academic) spring from that has gnarled many religion ideology to live together peacefully contributed immensely to the problem. When we talk of shortage of live expectancy, family unrest contributed greatly to it in which men were unfortunate to be affected most. How? Many women are demanding resources more than what the man can afford. In many occasions, when the man struggle to make available the resources needed for the family upkeep, the woman might convert it to personal use or put on non-challant attitude to make the resources useful at the right time and many more. All this go a long way to give men emotional stress in addition to those experienced in the course of providing for the family gradually affecting their health.

There are schools of thought that believe women live longer than men as a result of the situation discussed above, but the wise one knows their ways around it. Men are more emotional than women except that, while women are good in expressing it and where it warrant not bothered who get hurt, men do hide their emotion since he knows that the world is looking towards him as the peace maker of the family. In reality, either good or bad, women are created as a valuable asset that is hard for men to do without, because they have the best antidote to ease men’s stress.

To be continue …..

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