Forces Against Your Financial Freedom: Background and Environment

Poverty just like wealth is an inheritance, but you have choice to do whatever it takes to retain or do away with it. No reasonable thinking person will want to do away with inherited wealth. Likewise a right thinking person will want to do away with penury at all cost.

But the most mysterious thing is that we have ton of people who maybe out of ignorance as discuss earlier or other unreasonable reasons don’t even think of changing the horrible situation they found themselves from birth, I mean the financial predicament they inherited.

The other day, I was strolling along the road that leads to my residence when I take note of a guy sharing a story with supposed couple. I have to slow down as a result of a line in her conversation that catches my attention.

The man decided to change his environment but his wife is adamantly against it for no reason but to me blindfolded ignorance and low thinking faculty. The area we are talking about is a congested, while the intended environment is a gradually developing area with future economic and financial opportunities.

His statement that catches my attention was:

“How can he remain in an area he has stayed for 40 years without any financial improvement when he has the opportunity to improve himself by changing environment?”

His conclusion on the conversation was that if his wife decides to stay behind, she could do so. But that signify an automatic divorce between them.

Within me, I said wao! I almost say it out but don’t want to be embarrassing. Coincidentally, it was around the time I was writing this series.

This, plus other result by observation gave me the conclusion that in most cases with higher percentage, we chose what happen to us financially, just like she chose to remain in slump like thousands and millions like her who enjoy such life even if they are unable to eat three square meal, while at the same time continue in their envious of those who could. This is as a result of ignorance as discuss earlier influenced by background and environment.

For instance, someone with the orientation that “love of money is the root of all evil” from childhood without clear understanding will believe in remaining poor thinking that way he/she is more spiritual than being rich.

Another point to support this mentality is what we all do sometimes, proudly consoling ourselves and selling it to someone who cares. Imagine the belief that there are no way you could make money enough to be financially free without being crook. Or that being poor gives you peace of mind than being rich. I can go on and on. This is what background and environment influenced.

If you care to be financially free, you have to be observant about your environment. Is it influencing you towards your goal or otherwise? If there is need to change environment, never hesitate to do so. It is strong forces against your financial freedom.

You can’t remain in an environment that encourage penury and find it easy to become rich.

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