When will the Justice Come (2)

For those who do not know, SARS is "Special Anti-Robbery Squad", a special unit of the Nigerian Police and they are a pain and more criminal than the criminals they claim to be fighting
In the last edition of this discussion, I made mention that freedom is not free. Yes! Freedom is not free. You have to work hard for it. I remembered President Muhamadu Buhari being quoted to have called Nigerian Youth lazy, well, while that is not good of a leader speaking of his followers and that I cannot vividly conclude on his context of saying that. I think he may be right when it comes to the youth asking for what belong to them. When it comes to the Nigeria youth asking for their right, we are so lazy.

An experience share by @Ejemai on his steemit.com page will contribute to this discussion;

“Last week, a friend of mine was stopped, arrested and beaten like a common criminal by SARS while taking his car to the car wash.

What was his crime you may be wondering? Well, he is a successful young Nigerian who doesn't for the corrupt system.

How did this happen?
He was stopped and asked what he does for a living, he told them he was into IT and immediately, they accuse him of being a 419 operative. They questioned the legitimacy of his earnings as an IT personnel and how he could afford an automobile like the one he owned; a Toyota Camry 2014 model.

For those who do not know, SARS is "Special Anti-Robbery Squad", a special unit of the Nigerian Police and they are a pain and more criminal than the criminals they claim to be fighting.

On going through his phone, they noticed he trades Crypto and the plot thickened. He was beaten for no reason even threatened to be shot if he doesn't give the N500k.
After what seems like eternity and pleadings from his family, he paid N200k and was later released with no apologies tendered whatsoever.

He spent another N10k to get treated and still carries the scar of the beating.

As the experience of a globally changing economy is catching on, we are constantly getting into a place where it is becoming difficult to stay above status quo as ordained by the centralized system.

The Nigerian story is not new to many. If the youths are not being forced to be governed indiscriminately, they will be forced to live below expectations.

The government of the day constantly bullies the populace with their corrupt system.

There are numerous numbers of cases like this happening every day, most especially in Lagos. I am a living witness. I shared a personal experience in the first edition of this article. I still have another one to share. And If I am not mistaken, I have more than 7 encounters with Nigeria Law Enforcement Agents. And as an active member of Civil Liberties Organisation of Nigeria (CLO), we always handles cases from time to time that get you wondering if at all the masses are really safe. My concluding; this is enslaving ourselves.

Drawing from my experience so far, I found out that the reason they are able to continue perpetrating this act is because the number of those who are ready and confident to fight for their right of being oppress is so few compare to those who cannot. With reference to the above case, just a call to a reliable human right organisation like CLO can fix the problem. But ask the guy to join such organisation, he may tell you; it’s a waste of time.
Before concluding this discussion, let me share another experience that happen to me February this year 2018.

It was on Friday, I called my wife from office to join me at the bus stop so we can reach INEC office together concerning Permanent Voters Card (PVC). I am able to reach earlier, so, I have to find somewhere at the bus stop to wait for her. Unknowingly to me, an incident happened at that spot the previous day in which suspected cultist killed someone at the bus stop so as usual The Nigerian Police Officers within that area use that as a trap for people for their mischievous act and Nigerian for who we are, gave them the chance to do so without challenging them.

What I noticed was that two other guys were sitting beside me and in less than five minutes, while calling my wife to be in haste because it was unusual of me to stay at the bus stop too long, I realised someone asking questions from the two guys assume to be among the motorbike rider at the park. From nowhere unaware a guy snatched my phone; I have no choice than to hold him roughly to return my phone when he started indicting me of ignoring interrogation by the guys questioning the two other guys beside me. Having suspected that they are police officers I have no choice than to demand his identification which he did and of course demanded for my too. After identify myself and necessary check up even my laptop without finding anything, he insisted I have to follow them to their station with the two other guys which I did.

On getting to the station, I demanded he gives me my phone to make call which he refused, so I have to inquire to see the DPO, his colleagues at the counter lied as usual that the DPO was not around. When he heard our conversation from distance, he has to run closer which led to some argument and released of my phone as the best alternative to resolve the argument.

As at that period, I am yet to get my CLO identity card due to protocol required to be confirmed a full and participating member, maybe that would have saved me from the spot. Alternatively, I have to make call to the CLO unit secretary and of course who immediately called the DPO and I was summoned to the DPO office along with the two criminals (so called police officers) for interrogation. They lied I can’t identify myself which I returned with a question, “did I look like someone who cannot identify himself?” Take note; “the DPO is not around, and in the next 5 minutes, I was called to the DPO office for discussion”

It is high time we know that gross numbers of The Nigerian Police Officers are criminals in uniform who have the legal right to lie, victimized the masses and rub us with the arms meant to secure us. If you think their leaders are not aware, you might be joking. Although, we give them the chance to do so, because I realized they are taking the advantages of our ignorance and cowardice. The moment they realized you are enlightened, they became worried but never give up until you are able to prove it that you truly can challenge them.

What is the Way Out?
The solution is to educate ourselves, summon our confident by belonging to the right group. You don’t have to know or have someone who is in any force or powerful figure. Just belong to the right human right organisation you can call upon when you need such help, in as much you haven’t done anything contrary to the law.

While I am not going to write another series of this article, I am going to write something about Civil Liberties Organisation for those who may be interested in joining us to educate people about their right and give help when they need it. But be aware we help law abiding citizens not the law breaker finding ways of avoiding being punished.

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