My Mentor Speaks My Mind: Cryptocurrency is Replacing Stock

I believe in innovation and invention but not blindly. That is the reason it takes me a while to accept that cryptocurrency is the future, not another scam!

Ever before discussing with a friend about web 3.0 that put on fire my curious mind, I have always look down on any discussion, advertisement or article about cryptocurrency to the extent that when my friend send me a mail about cryptocurreny, I shun it. I never open it for months until the discussion with my friend about web 3.0 instigate my research to known more about it.

I have after that conducted several online research, interview and held lots of discussions to gather others view about this financial invention. The most unfortunate disappointing aspect of my discovery was that over 90% think of cryptocurreny as another source of income. Out of that 90%, over 90% treat it as a get rich quick scheme. This is the same reason I never want to hear anything about it before.
Although I have reach a bold conclusion about what cryptocurrency is for the future until August 3, 2018, when my mentor gave me more confidence through email on my findings about cryptocurreny.

At this point, you may be curious, who is my mentor. Relax your mind, it is someone you know very well. His name is Robert T. Kiyosaki and here is the note he shared with me about cryptocurrency.

“Cryptocurrency is not “fake” money. It’s digital money… and so much more.

The world has been using digital money for years. It’s what credit cards, wire transfers, debit cards, just about everything except the payphones use.

But crypto takes it one step further and makes it nearly impossible to steal or counterfeit.
Imagine what this means...

Crypto is the future of money. And it’s just starting.

Imagine you had a crystal ball...

What will crypto do to credit cards? Money transfers?

Bank-to-bank transfers? Debit cards?

They will all start using crypto. How can they not?

If cryptocurrencies are digital money but without the security risks, then cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

If you knew which currencies will be used by the governments and banks and all major money movers you would have a pretty idea what to invest in.

Crypto is not FAKE money. It’s a whole new asset class and investment vehicle. It’s the future.”

Did you receive it too?

In the same email, he shared this link with me and I am sure you will find it interesting.

There are several email after that, but let me share one more;

“Crypto is the BOOM of a lifetime.

What remains to be seen is … how many of us will get in on it and profit handsomely… to fund early retirements … reach financial freedom … and give our families the life they deserve.

Most people will watch crypto as it grows and dominates.

They will even know that it will change the entire world.

But they will do nothing.

Their lives are comfortable enough. They don’t want to take the time to learn such an overwhelming topic. They feel too stupid and don’t know where to get the real information.

You can be different. You don’t have to be one of them.

I know you missed out on the internet boom. Do you really want to experience the same regret, only 10x worse this time around, too?

You could have bought Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon.

But it was too tough to know a winner from a loser.

And there were waaaay more losers. And you were too comfortable.

Getting in on the boom of a lifetime is how generational wealth is made.

This boom will be no different. However, the problem with booms is that by the time the average person knows what’s going on, the real money has already been made by governments, banks and the leaders who run both.

That sounds unfair and terrible, but it is also true.”

Ever before I learnt the truth about cryptocurrency, I registered with the intention of contracting a developer to create a social networking website with some special features for me. But I suspended it because of my findings on cryptocurrency.

Finding? Yes Findings!

I found out that Cryptocurrency will be replacing the stock market. But much more give freedom and create community where people work towards common goals. With cryptocurrency, the national or continental currencies will be wiped out.  If you want to know more about this, read the Ethereum Blockchain App Platform or Steem Smart Media Tokens.

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