Forces Against our Financial Freedom: Lack of Financially Discipline

From historical perspective, the French proverb that says, “Rome wasn't built in a day.” is applicable to make you better off financially. The effort to cultivate financial discipline or not is the reason you are what and where you are financially.

Let me share this short story to back this up;

“It is not the first time I am seeing a scene similar to this. But this particular one catches my attention so I decided to learn something from this.

After some hours on my computer system, I decided to stroll down to restaurant to have my lunch. In front of a store nearby was a woman with her less than two years old girl dragging a purse. What I noticed was that, the girl just finished a sausage roll, seeing another vendor around, she want to have another one. The surprise thing there is that, as little as she was, she’s aware there is need for cash to have another one.

In other to right my suspicion, I move closer with humour by appreciating the girl beauty and asked her mother what the problem was. Behold, nothing is different, my suspicion was right.

This scenario seems to be universal; spending money has being cultured to be natural, even more than learning. It has become a habit that everyone who is entitling to something from you claims right to it.”

Yes, that is the truth. I have shared this story in one of my articles on my blog under the title; “We Naturally Learn How to Spend Money from Childhood, not How to Make it”. If you are part of the group that believes in getting rich tomorrow without any plan towards it, you must be joking. Even crooks has a plan, except that the reward for any financial gain from being a crook is the expectations to pay for the crime while the financial reward for making money legitimately is more peace of mind.

From your mindset to earnings, budgeting, savings and investing; it’s all work with discipline. Without it nothing can be achieve.

Let me explain what I mean with the above paragraph further;

  • Dreaming of being a millionaire while you waste your natural resources (talents, skills, experience, energy and time) engaging in fruitless activities is lack of discipline.
  • There is nothing so special about you if you earn and spend it all, still the same thing, lack of financial discipline.
  • While savings is part of financial discipline, if you rely on it as a tool to achieve financial freedom, you are a looser.
  • The most ridiculous are those groups of people who gamble either directly or indirectly with their hard earned money.
  • We all understand what direct gambling is all about; the indirect ones are those who lose their money in the name of investment. Gary Adler says, “if it’s seems too good to be true, it probably is”. The mouth watering returns is to cajole you, moreover what value is the so called investment creating is another issue to consider.

If you think being financially discipline which frugality is one major part of it is too much for you, then forget about financial freedom: so simple.

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