The Fallacy of President clone

The fallacy of President Muhammadu Buhari being a clone considered to be rumour is now becoming and issue that is creating attention all around the world. The rumour which commence in 2017 when the president medical vacation is taking longer than expected lead to the speculation of his death, but when the president eventually returned, instead of accepting the reality, they resulted to an “irreligious" (according to the president) thought of assuming the president is a clone of a supposed Sudanese lookalike called “Jubril.”

The fallacy has being on social media for quite some time but became intense when the controversial members of the political opposition and the separatist Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) party claimed there is evidence that the president has been replaced by Jubril, a man some believe was imported from Sudan.

There is conspiracy in our political system, to what extent the masses may not know but going to the extent of assuming they could hide the death of the president resulting in clone to replace him when we have a vice president to do so without opposition interference is a pure fallacy.

Let me remind you that the evetual arrival of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2017 prompt my article titled; The Conspiracy of the Politician not knowing the issue will not end there. The President may not have said something about it being a rumor if not his address to the Poland’s Nigerian diaspora ahead of the United Nations Conference of the Parties climate talks in the city of Katowice that brought out the question.

There are many issues surrounding the fallacy of presidential clone that call for attention;

1.      The opposition party and those seriously affected by the president anti-corruption policy is trying to use the fallacy as an opportunity to suppress President Muhammadu Buhari re-election. If truly the opposition party have a better agenda for Nigeria, I don’t think there is need to such a hideous act and many others to present there case to convince us they are better. This show to what extent how unworthy many of our political leaders are, revealing to the masses that they are only doing it for their selfish interest.

2.      The youths, who, instead of working towards being productive act as chief purveyor of many of the political rumours that is of no benefit for them. I understand many media houses benefit from spreading the rumours, but of what use is it to the youths who spent their precious resources (time) wastefully on social media about issue that will not earn them nothing. Many creative ones even go to the extent of creating all forms of graphics to back their claim instead of using such talents to their advantages.

3.      The religious leaders as influencers expected to balance issues and present the positive side instigating and believing such fallacy is true is even more worrisome. Is this the sign of end time? Is the Yoruba adage that says, “Agba kii wa loja ki ori omo tuntun wo” (Elders are expected to lead kids’ right when going astray) still applicable in our dear country today. If not that they have something to benefit from it, why are they fueling it rather than suppressing it.

Many believe the clone fallacy is the reason President Muhammadu Buharu is avoiding public events including the presidential debate. But the reasonable ones knows best. We all have different strategies adopted to run our personal, career and business affairs. President Muhammadu Buhari and his team have good reasons why they choose not to participate in a presidential debate. Even if you think his inability to speak fluently is the reason behind it. Don’t forget he presents talks at international events and that the ability to speak fluently does not guarantee that such person is the best man for the job.

There are set of people who are against of presenting answer to such issue at foreign land just the same way he did with the speech about corruption, the Nigeria Youths and that of his wife. While leaders are expected to be cautious of his utterance, President Buhari chose to present the truth in a positive way but in most cases get misquoted and misinterpreted. Moreover, the answer is given where and when the question was asked rather than given answer to rumours that is not directed to you.

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