Fulfillment Start with Self Discovery

self discovery
We all inherited this challenge that created the inability to fully tap into our potentials. I understand you might be exception to this my general conclusion. The reason the world seems to be upside down where few make it to the top is majorly to the reason that, people don’t even know who they are popularly known as self discovery. Ask someone right away, who are you? Even to yourself, ask, who am I?

The answer to that question is wide but should be put in few sentences just like the popular elevator pitch. Within 30 seconds you should be able to tell a stranger the real you without doubt. Your focus and dream that is determine by your strength and weakness and most especially innate talent or self acquired skill that is coincidentally becoming naturally part of you that will lead to tapping your full potential towards a fulfilled life

Let me ask you? Do you believe in self discovery? If you do, do you think it worth the effort?

The reason I am asking these questions is because the task to discovering oneself is an effort many people are not ready to invest in and unfortunately lots of people are ignorant of. I am not an exception until few years ago.

By the Way, What is Self Discovery?

Self discovery starts with self assessment of your strength and weakness and ready to accept them. Through this you will have the opportunity to finding your purpose in life which we all have. With self discovery you will never subject yourself to what people want for you but what you positively want for yourself at your maturity age and confidently change what people choose for you when you are ignorant to what you want for yourself even if people around you think you are going insane.

If you have no clear idea about what your inner values, core beliefs and goals are, you are yet to discover yourself which lead to external forces dictating your emotions and decisions. If you find yourself emotionally imbalance and unhappy more than happy, then you need to invest in self discovery if you care so much about this part of your life.
Be aware that self discovery is a journey of lifetime. But, by the time you see yourself becoming calmer, happier, fulfilled and clearer on the path you are following, then you need no one to tell you how close you are to discovering yourself. However, it’s not always an easy task; it’s an effort that will be dared by fear, confusion, misunderstanding, doubt and literally re-visiting all your choices in life. If you are able to withstand the challenges without relenting you will be among the few who enjoy law of attraction.

The universal law of attraction only work for people who have clear idea of who they are and what they want (self discovery). Not those who keep changing their desires and intends keep changing from day to day. If you want to get there faster and leave a fulfill life, invest in self discovery and utilize the universal law of attraction to your advantage.

The Journey to Self Discovery

Setting out to probe oneself is sometimes so confusing and unimaginable. The first challenge is how to go about it without lying to yourself. If you are ready to be sincere to yourself but not sure how to start, the following will be of good help;

1. Ready to Learn: One group of people I am afraid of relating with are those who are not ready to learn and those who are not ready to take others opinion in a discussion. They take fancy in their own world even if it’s glaring how backward they are. If you are not ready to learn from others, how possible you will learn from yourself. Without an open mind you can’t discover yourself. You have to read, go to seminar and ask friend or better listen to what people around your say about you to probe what you know about yourself while you positively correlate.
2. Take a Tough Decision: Our environments contribute immensely to realising our potential. Your ability to do away with certain things and people is an instrument of self discovery. It is difficult to cut some people out of your life, but to discover yourself; you have to be bold enough to do it if you see them as a detriment. In this journey, be ready to change environment and spent a lot of time with yourself rather than be in the midst of activities and people that will not give you the opportunity to think about a better alternative to the life you are living.
3. Do away with General Opinion: “Education is the best legacy”, this is one of those opinion, while education is important, you should be ready to determine how to go about it and what to do with it. Keeping in mind that your certificate is a ticket to fulfilled life may not work in your case. The earlier you are able to discover that the better. At the same time, if you have being in the journey of owning your own business but thinking otherwise, probe yourself deeper. You may discover you need to follow another route.
4. Ready to Teach and Write: What if I tell you, we all need to teach and write, won’t you think that is crazy? The reason is that, in the process of teaching or writing, of course on what we love, we discover lots of things about ourself. I understand writing and teaching are purpose on their own, but while some are born to become a professional writer or teacher, your case might be different. You are only using it as a tool to discover your path to fulfilled life.
5. Reflection and meditation: Don’t give room for noise, but to discover yourself you have to do lots of personal questioning and reflect on lots of things about you and around you. It is even advisable to take inventory about your dream, goals, accomplishment, pet peeves, challenges and how you overcome them, fears, daydreams or fantasies. The outcome of this exercise may send a signal to who you are and what you truly want out of life and finding how to start moving in that direction.

I have come to realise that, when you discover who you are and what you want, nobody achievement can intimidate you and you will not be in haste of getting to where you don’t belong yet. You will be ready to work with the resources you have at the moment to move gradually from where you are to where you want to be. 

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