Making Money with Your Talent, Skills and Experience.

I heard you loud and clear; don’t ask me if you have one or not. The truth is that you have as many as possible, but there is one particular one that stands out among all. If you are still pondering on if you have Talent, Skills and Experience that anyone want, then, I can boldly say that, you are yet to discover yourself. You need a soul searching, brainstorming or consultation.

Self Discovery is the First Step

Let us take it from there, I may not be able to fully take you there, but this will be of help, I promised. We are all fortunate to have something so special deposited in us, while some are aware of it, there are more people out there who never see it that way. They never see themselves as a talented person just because they cannot sing, dance, run, speak in public etc. What about being caring, outgoing, advising, planting, organising etc. The problem is that, there are many activities we never consider to be talent. I am telling you at this moment that, whatever you can do positively better than majority people around you is a talent.

Even still, you might find it hard to figure out, I understand you. Let’s take it this way; what about asking yourself few questions? Providing a honest answer to this will lead to your discovery.
  • What do you love doing to people freely without considering financial reward?
  • What is your hobby? I mean something you do for fun, leisure when you are not working.
  • Is there anything you always look forward to do when you are supposed to be resting?
  • Which activities can you do without help or supervision?
  • Is there anything that you love reading or talking about the most?
  • Is there anything people always need your knowledge about?

This can take you weeks or months to clearly figure out. Take enough time to do it, don’t be in haste. Type and print this questions out boldly where you will always see it. Set aside few minutes in the morning and at night before going to bed to ponder on it. I am sure the result will be amazing.


Skills and Experience Turn Talents

Having an inquisitive mind has turn many moments of my life to observe people who will find it difficult to differentiate between there skills and experience and their talent. This set of people either from family business, neighbour, schools, religious or community activities gather skills and experience they can naturally use. While some utilize it to gain employment or start a business, there are many people who never see it as assets. If you are in this shoe, it is high time you look into that. That could be a goldmine you are neglecting. You will discover why shortly.

At this junction, it will be difficult for me to believe you are yet to discover your hidden treasure. If that is your own case, I am sure you know it takes less than one year to learn a skill, follow your passion, go ahead, learn something you are crazy about and let’s talk about making money with such knowledge.


Let’s Turn it to Cash

If there is anyway to make money with your talent, skills and experience, the first and easy path with little or no investment is to share the knowledge with other people desperate to learn it or guide (mentor or consult) people with it.


There are two approaches to it;

  1. Free
  2. Paid
You are reading this because I decided to share my knowledge for free. Are you asking if I am making money with it? Yes and I am doing it to create a platform to showcase who I am and what I can offer that they will paid for.

In 2017, I met a girl who requested for my mentoring. She is smart, has talent and skill but broke. Her first formal mentoring session reveal all this in less than an hour. I gave her an assignment and assisted her to organise a free workshop in her little community to teach people what she know. Not only that she makes money from selling the training materials but fill fulfilled and take it as a stepping stone to greater height. She is now working on her writing skill to launch her blog.


Free or Paid, How Many People Can You Help

The number of people you are able to reach will determine how much you can make with your talent, skills and experience. This decision is tailored to either you want to go Physical, Manual or Digital.

1.    Physical: You want to teach people face to face via classroom, seminar/workshop. Even if you decide to use this approach, how scalable you want it also need a good consideration.

You will do excellently well if you organise to go on tour. I mean from one location to another randomly.

Still with this approach, don’t forget to take advantage of digital devices to create digital version (video or audio) of your knowledge to sell physically or digitally.
2.    Manually: You can also put your knowledge in writing (books) or games. Digital version of your books (ebook) and games (electronic games) will go a long way.
3.    Digital: It is insane not considering this approach at this age. As you can see, the physical and manual approaches is incomplete without mentioning digital. With digital you can decided to;
·    Own a blog with automatic advertisement (e.g. google adsense) or direct advertisement, sponsored post, affiliate marketing, donation etc
·         Sell your electronic version of your books (ebooks) and video
·         Create online courses
·         One on one online mentoring, coaching and consultancy
·         Online seminar/workshop
·         And many more.


Marketing is the King

The internet makes it possible to reach as many people as possible who need your knowledge all around the world but it is not automatic. You have to reach your audience through marketing as it is in physical world

You should learn as much as you could not only to create digital presence but also about digital marketing. With that, you will never remain broke again with your talent, skills and knowledge.

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