Is Your Favourite Slogan “Thank God It’s Friday”?


The popular phrase “Thank God It’s Friday” or “Thank Goodness It’s Friday” (TGIF) could be a yardstick to measure your attitude towards your work, business, projects, goals, etc. Looking towards the weekend to get relief from the work is a sign that you are not enjoying what you are doing. Saying this does not mean relaxing is bad, it an act of recharging and refueling your energy to get things done but not by looking forward to the weekend.

Various views about having a passion for what you choose to be your profession has going a long way to determine whether you will be successful or not. I can’t support less since every effort towards a laudable achievement will encounter an obstacle along the way. It takes someone with a dogged to believe to stick to such effort until breakthrough. Passion is like ‘it is this or nothing’.

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This assumption is not only applicable to Friday. I could say it applies to every day. If you always feel relief leaving and feel depress resuming, it means you are condition to stay, if not you will be somewhere else. Or could it be you have another project you are always running to after closing? Maybe you should stick to that.

The Way Forward

The last statement in the last paragraph is a good suggestion. If you are not cheerfully getting along with your job, find something you are passionate about to spend your weekend on rather than taking it as an opportunity to getaway. 

According to Billionaire Richard Branson the founder of Virgin Group, “Hard work is key, but enjoying what you do and having fun is just as crucial”. He also said, “you have a 40 hours’ work week and 48 hours on the weekend”. You can spend the same amount of time on your goals that you did on your day job, in just 2 days”.

Money is important but it’s not a good idea to sacrifice your happiness and most especially your future for its temporary value. There is always a better way out, balance the equation. You need the money, but use your weekend to work on something you love to replace the present job or project you are not passionate about rather than spending it lavishly.

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Thank God it’s Monday (TGIM)

I guess you might be laughing now because that is a very uncommon phrase. But in reality, some people always look forward to the next day and the next, not Monday. They love what they are doing and wish it is possible to never quit for just minutes except that the natural demand that from them.

Does it mean these people never relax? Far from the truth; they do but at a time the nature request for it, not necessarily looking towards the weekend or a particular day.

If you truly want something, you’ll want to work on it all the time. You need to develop the mind frame that the weekend is not a time to relax but it’s a time to work, maybe even harder than during the week.

In a world where reaching your goals is everything, there is no such thing as weekends.



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