New Year Resolution: A Layman Goal Setting Approach

goal setting, new year resolution
The New Year resolution, a religious and ancient tradition of some eras according to wikipedia has become a global goal setting approach lots of people are adopting to do away with some undesired trait or behaviour, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life.

It then means that either consciously or vague, pronounced or kept to oneself, written or not, one way or the other lots of people participate in goal setting in other to achieve their heart desire.

In the past, I have written about goal setting in different dimension including;

We have people with different view and approach to goal setting, but when it comes to New Year resolution, the noise is all over the air but the result is not felt. It is becoming clear that;

  • People only join the chant for the fun of it, not to make a reasonable decision
  • Majority who use it as an annual decision making tool lack the discipline to follow up.

In the word of Adewale Yusuf, Founder of Techpoint Africa, “I don't usually have new year resolutions. I just launch something new on January 1st and figure out how to build it throughout the year. I've been doing this since 2015.”

Picking point from his statement, one important part of goal setting that is missing when people are setting their goal called New Year resolution is the plan required to achieve it. In addition, people are not taking into consideration the place of discipline in getting things done or achieving any worthwhile achievement.

In other to live a simple life, it is advisable to live your life one day at a time rather than going weird, but it is insane to set out on a journey without a destination or a map to show you the direction if you have a glimpse of it. While people do this unconsciously out of ignorant. It's the brain behind the masses and the low rate of people who attain success compare to those who don’t.

Tony Robbins view reveals that,

“Many times people think they understand how to set goals, but then they never quite achieve what they were after. One common reason is that their goals aren’t compelling or inspiring.”

With this, you will understand why those resolutions you set never come to past. Many of it is just an utterance and nothing more. If your New Year resolution lack the emotional ingredients required to achieve it, I bet it takes less than a month before you set it aside.

Goal setting is a continuous process if you care to achieve it. In my previous article “Are You Reviewing Your Goals Regularly?” I shared;

“I was born in early April, precisely April 3rd, so, I have the opportunity to reflect on so many things on that day, not just to celebrate and be merry. It’s an opportunity for me every year to review my first quarter goals and also, I regard that day to be my new year day and new beginning to reflect on my yearly activities and goals and set new once.”

That is one of my approaches to goal setting, what about you? You may read the article in full for clear understanding about the important of goal review.

There is no way you will achieve your New Year resolution if you fail to write it down and review it regularly. Make this coming year a different and better one by taking into consideration the above points as part of your new year resolution.

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