The Accidental Billionaires

A book about The Establishing of Facebook, a Story of Sex, Cash, Virtuoso, and infidelity

The high-vitality story of how two socially unbalanced Ivy Leaguers, endeavouring to build their odds with the opposite sex, wound up making Facebook.

Eduardo Saverin and Check Zuckerberg were Harvard students and best friends– outcasts at a school loaded up with cleaned private academy graduates and long-term inheritances. They shared both scholarly splendor in math and a quirky discomfort with ladies.

Eduardo figured their ticket to social acceptance– and sexual success– was getting welcomed to go along with one of the college's Last Clubs, a star grouping of first class social orders that had coached ages of the most influential men on the planet and positioned over the unbendable progressive system at Harvard. Mark, with less of an enthusiasm for what the grounds alpha guys thought of him, happened to be a Computer virtuoso of the principal arrange.

Which he used to locate a more straightforward course to social fame: one desolate night, Mark hacked into the college's computer system, making a ratable database of all the female undergraduates on campus– and in this manner slamming the college's servers and almost getting himself kicked out of school. At that time, in his Harvard apartment, the structure for Facebook was conceived.

What followed– a genuine experience loaded up with smooth financial speculators, dazzling ladies, and six-foot-five-inch indistinguishable twin Olympic rowers– makes for a standout amongst the most engaging and convincing books of the year. A little while later, Eduardo's and Mark's diverse thoughts regarding Facebook made in their relationship black out splits, which before long spiraled into outright fighting. The university extravagance that denoted their coordinated effort fell prey to the grown-up universe of legal counselors and money. The incredible incongruity is that while Facebook prevailing by uniting individuals, its exceptionally achievement shredded two closest companions.

The Accidental Billionaires  is an enthusiastically discernible story of incorruptibility lost– and of the strange formation of an organization that has transformed the way a huge number of individuals identify with each other.

Ben Mezrich, a Harvard graduate, has published ten books, including the New York Times smash hit Bringing Down the House. He is a columnist for Boston Normal and a contributr for Flush magazine. Ben lives in Boston with his significant other, Tonya.

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