Accessing Websites Blocked by Your ISP

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My attention has been called on ISPs blocking some website for reasons best know to them. On a popular forum; nairaland, there is a discussion thread about globacom Nigeria is blocking all custom domain redirection. To confirm that, I have to try it out myself and I found it to be true.

To help my readers and clients calling my attention to this incident, I decided to go on research and I found a good solution for you.

Among the numerous, these are the three (3) tips working successfully. Any one of these will surely work for you
  1. Using Proxy
  2. Using adon
  3. Using VPN
I will discuss the first one; Using proxy in this post for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Users

Using Proxy
I found this straight forward to implement for no tech person. But before I show you how this work, be warned that providing sensitive information over a proxy server is risky, so be careful not to share personal and financial information when using this tricks.

The secret behind this trick is that, there are many sites who provide Proxy IP and Port List for free. Out of the numerous ones, I use Free Proxy Lists. Others includes Hidester, HideMyAss Proxy List, inCloak Proxy List etc. Visit any of these sites and grab one Proxy IP:Port combination which hast good speed and fast connection type – as shown in the screenshot below.

Before you choose, it is good to search and choose a better one using the search preference setup on top of the page before the list as shown below.

For Mozilla Firefox users, follow these steps

Using up to date Firefox, go to Tools on the Menu, click Options
Scroll down to Network settings click on “Settings” 

On the next popup window, select the radio button “Manual Proxy Configuration“

Insert the Proxy IP and Port you choose from Free Proxy List in the HTTP Proxy section.
Check the “Use this proxy server for all protocol“.
Hit OK and save. That’s all. You are good to go.

If you want to remove it latter, just remove the IP address and the port and click on No Proxy, then click ok.

For Google Chrome users, follow these steps

Go to settings, scroll down and click on Advance

Scroll down once again to the system subtitle and click on Open Proxy settings

On the next popup under Connection Menu, click on LAN Settings
Click on “Use proxy server for your LAN“ then insert the IP address and port you choose from Free Proxy List.

Also mark the “Bypass proxy server for local address“.
Hit OK and save. That’s all. You are good to go.

The remaining two tricks will be featured in my next post under Basic Technology

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