How Long Can You Delay the Pleasure?

Financial freedom
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We are truly in digital age; the instant gratification age where changes occur in a twinkle of an eye. Nevertheless, there is wrong application of this principle of change to financial reward. In other words, the digital age still respect financial principle.

Even if you have 100% resources or call it materials including manpower or auto machineries available, you still cannot build a house a day and solid house even takes more time. Remember the french proverb that says;

“Rome wasn’t built a day”.

The Yoruba adage that supports this injunction stated thus;

“Eni nwafa, nwofo” or “eni nwa ifa, nwa ofo”.

The closest English meaning to this is;

“He, who is in the lookout for rare opportunities (instant gratifications), is looking for lost (failure)”.

Sincerely speaking, I can testify to it that;

“If it is too good to be true, is truly is”

The digital age still respect the principle of hardwork as an antidote for success. What the digital age brings to make the hardwork easier is the principle of “working smart”.

You can become an overnight millionaire, but the hardwork has previously been done.

Let takes for example the writing a book, it takes a week, month, year etc to put the knowledge together, with digital advertisements, one can reach millions of people within 24 hours. If the author able to make 1% sales of that figure, He/She will hit million dollars.


I can hear you loud and clear

It is possible to write the book a week. Did you just say a day? Yes, but remember, the 24 hours dedication of energy and time is hardwork. Moreover, it takes years of learning and practicing to be that good to write a good book within 24 hours. It takes a rare person me and you will hold in high esteem to do that because we both knew it’s never and easy thing. It takes hardwork to reach such landmark.
Stop thinking of cutting corners to financial freedom, there never is any and there will never be any. The only way to be financially free and be free for ever is;

  • To solve problems
  • Provide solutions
  • Generate ideas that provide solutions to solve problems

Financial Freedom is Psychological

It is a state of mind as discuss earlier. Even if you lost it all, a true financially free person can gain it in a very short period; this is because of the inbuilt skills.
In a nutshell, it is not the cash; it is the skills and knowledge that generate the money.

Don’t be surprised to see someone who won million dollars lottery broke in less than a year. They are only good in earning and spending, not managing and multiply money. They lack the dexterity and wisdom of becoming financially free.

If your dream of become financially free is to become rich overnight, you better wake up, because, your dream will never come true. There is process behind every dream, if you can’t befriend the process them you’ve already lost the dream.

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