2019 Election: Setting New Standard for Political Revolution in Nigeria

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Since democracy return to Nigeria in 1999, I have not seen candidate desperately fighting for political office on like this. Maybe is because I pay attention to it more than the past. Thanks to internet and social media. Unfortunately, the masses clamouring for a better Nigeria is fueling their impulsive action. Have you ever sat down to ask, why this do or die attitude? Are they desperate to serve us or themselves? I am sure you will agree with me that, no one will ever go wild just because he is passionate to serve his/her people. No! Never! Then if you agree with me, then my concluding is that you are doing that because of what you received or what you are expecting personally from them. I doubt if that will be out of ignorance.

The Most Lucrative Job

I don’t know any other places around the world, but in Nigeria of this generation maybe not in the past, politics has top the chart to be the best job with fantastic financial rewards. If one desire to be rich and famous overnight, all it takes is to find the route to political office in Nigeria.

This is a job that require little to nothing in educational and professional qualification but the challenge of loyalty to political fathers and kingmakers who dictate the person that deserve the job based on their personal interest and agenda. And this is applicable from grassroots to the federal level for both elected and appointed positions.

Apart from the so call law stipulating large sum for salaries and allowance in favour of them which is enough to live a good live. They still convert national resources in their care to personal use. Anyway, I am not going this lane today, enough of this digression.

Not Too Young to Rule

Since democracy return to Nigeria, the same set of rulers rather than leaders are the one controlling the country affairs migrating between two major parties at will in other to achieve their personal agenda. My discovered that they have a listening ear to the masses and adjust themselves to their request not for the benefit of the helpless Nigerians but in other to achieve their personal ambition of money, fame and power. They use the need of the populace to work on their psychology to achieve their selfish goals.

In preparation for the 2019 presidential election, one of the popular demands of Nigerian of their leaders is age. The request for people at their 60s and 70s to step aside for the young ones since they have being tested and cannot be trusted again. That their leadership is not yielding any positive change or improvement for Nigeria, thus, the popular slogan #Nottooyoungtolead was birthed. This gave few Nigerian at their 40s and 50s the confidence to show their interest in leading Nigeria. As expected the desperate politicians realizing the harm this will cost them tried all what they could to utilize the new wave to achieve their selfish aims. Although failed, but only give up when they understand that the youth clamouring for this change does not have a common ground to achieve their heart desire. They are as selfish as the desperate politicians. Instead of coming together to gain the sympathy of the masses who believe in the change they called for, they split up, an opportunity for the usual rulers of yester years to maintain their ground. Of course, they win again.

Not Too Young to Rule, the New Standard

There are many issues that surface during the current political atmosphere but the #Nottooyoungtolead top the list.

As I said earlier, one thing I discovered is that, the veteran politicians being professional in their game listen and use what the masses demanded to play their game to victory. In a nutshell, if you think there is end of the game for the so called old rulers who have nothing to offer Nigerians, then, you have to think twice or more. They are ready to play the game just the way you want it. Yes, they know how to confuse or convince you once again with the slogan #Nottooyoungtolead sponsoring a youth like you to play the game.

In other word #Nottooyoungtolead is the name of the game, the new standard set for the coming election.

The only hope the youth can have is if they are ready to come together under one umbrella (I mean one party). But if the youth are fortunate to win the election, the question is, does that guarantee the changes we want and deserve in Nigeria? Only time will tell.

It’s All About Branding
Leading is all about creativity, formulating policies that that is almost flawless. If the youth are truly ready for the revolution, then we should start seeing the trait in their act. I am not too sure how Nigerians in Diaspora is important to the political game we are playing in Nigeria. But as naive as I could be, I know if it is that important, the two major political parties we have in Nigeria will not ignore it for over 16 years. Maybe, they are doing that to raise the require fund to play the game.

Another issue is that of debate and social media. All that cannot win the game, its part of the public relation, but the small part of it.

In Nigeria today, the youths that is suppose to take part fully in electoral system are the one with non-challant attitudes towards election. That is to what extent the so called “old with nothing to offer” have gone to psychologically discourage our youths. If we have to change this narrative, we have to work hard to encourage them with strong brand. We have to start building the brand for the next 4 years to come. We don’t have to wait until the election is around the corner, that time is too short to win the game.

The youths who are ready for the game should come together under one umbrella to create a strong brand and start promoting the brand with youths, women and elderly people’s programmes. They should have coordinators nationwide and reach out to all campuses in Nigeria. They should encourage them to collecting the voter’s card for election purpose, not for collection sake. While they call on patriotic elders who truly support the change we deserve for support.

In leadership, age matters but not the ultimate. There are schools of thought who believe the youths cannot reason like the elders, so, we have few youths if at all, who can lead the country like Nigeria. While another school of thought believe the elders need to give the youths chance to use their creativity to lead Nigeria.

Either old or young, Nigeria need a selfless leader to achieve the change we are asking for. But more importantly, we need to look out for new party, not the old rulers that is switching here and there to achieve their personal agenda.

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